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Money Too Tight To Mention

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    I have had two big bills come out: I cannot say what for, but one payment was made into the wrong bank account and now the company has to correct the problem. I can’t go into more detail online. But it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

    I also bought new boots the other week. I have bought Christmas items and cards. I have spent money on people and myself, so money IS too tight to mention. I do look after my money, but it isn’t enough anymore.

    That reminds me: on Cupcakes and Cashmere there is an article about to save money whilst still spending. Or was it the other way around? Anyhow, there are loads of useful tips on that particular website. Back to me: I don’t spend $100’s: the bills come first every single month. BUT I am left short and it bothers me.

    I really need more money.


    Issues with banks, one in particular, have me tearing my hair out at the moment. They are always ready to take in money but drag their heels when you want it back. I made a complaint the other day. I am losing my patience! My opinion is that crooks know the tricks to defeat the system. it is the honest people who suffer as usual. I hope the company does correct the problem without giving you the run-around  Kitty.




    I hope so, too, SpinningJen: I am NOT paying the company twice because they’ve screwed up. The fact is, the previous account they had worked before. Now the company should be able to transfer the money to their current account. I am sure others have made the mistake I did in that regard. I have a confirmation number and have given details to the company about the payment, so they should be able to collect their money. The bank has a record of all this and the law is on my side.



    Thanks for your response KitKatKitty, have just private messaged you back!


    It’s all been sorted! I contacted the bank and had the money put back into my account. My bank is that good. AND the company now have their money.

    Happy, happy, happy!


    Its no fun when banks or companies make mistakes and it can be hard work getting through to them.

    Ive just had a second demand for payment from a company that I returned the goods to on 24 sept. Ive sent them a curt email with a screen shot of the order and the proof that the goods were returned .Ive told them I do not expect to be hearing from them again.

    I also had an invoice for the hire of a pair of crutches, I phoned the company and was told that they had a discharge form from the hospital that treated me and where I hired the crutches from.

    Ive assured them I have had no hospital treatment that required crutches at any time..

    Ive also telephoned my health insurers to alert them that any bill they might receive for any treatment to my legs, feet etc is a mistake.

    They have thanked me and put a flag on my name so that any bill sent about this treatment will be rejected.

    Still I cant help wondering… was I supposed to have a sprained ankle or a full hip replacement???


    I sometimes don’t know where these companies are coming from Cassandra. That’s not good.

    Not a good week for me! I have just had the car serviced. Their ‘fixed price’ servicing seems to be getting a bit lapsed to me. I should have followed my normal rule of having a defined fixed price up front, not just a generalised figure.


    [quote quote=204929]

    Not a good week for me! I have just had the car serviced. Their ‘fixed price’ servicing seems to be getting a bit lapsed to me. I should have followed my normal rule of having a defined fixed price up front, not just a generalised figure.


    I am so lucky that OH still does the car service. I can do little jobs myself though I know how to do the liquids such as oil, brake fluid, coolant and screen wash. I do know about oil and air filters and tyre depths and pressures.  I could change the windscreen wipers But that where my skills end..

    Im not intimidated by mechanics or any tradesmen for that matter and I dont mind having a bit of a joke with them.. Sometimes that can get me a bit of a discount Ive noticed but I do always ask in advance what things are going to cost..

    Last time I bought new head lamp bulbs I asked the man if he had my bulbs and then asked for a chair… He asked why and I said  because I know Im going to faint when you tell me the price and I dont want you to put your back out picking me up..

    He laughed so much but gave me 10% off the ticket price !  My motto ..dont ask dont get…


    Being a bit technical I can do a few things which do include checks and probably change wiper blades. I do change bulbs as well and have even found, with a previous car, that the garage at the time put the bulb in wrong. It should have been impossible, due to the type of fitting, but I ended up with rear light and brake light reversed on one side. This was main dealer!!! I would recommend anyone, whoever you are, to have a quick look around after a garage has done work for any obvious problem. One wiper blade did need replacing (the rear). I know that because it has been flapping about for ages. It did not come into the MOT test but has been mentioned for the past couple of years. They said about £10 (I saw it was £11 on the bill). I thought it would cost a good part of that for the part anyway so let them go ahead. I have friends who know about costing etc so am aware of pricing. I don’t think I was fleeced but, as I tend to use main dealer for their expertise, prices are high. I have found both with my own experience and that of others that back street dealers can be false economy.


    You are obviously good with cars, SpinningJen. I am not myself, though. I don’t drive, you see and spend my life getting lifts from other people!

    Anyhow, it is interesting reading all your posts.


    I’d love having more money. Not loads and loads but a sufficiency. Being free of money worries would be wonderful.


    I am working, so money is in constant supply. But I can’t help wanting to earn more. Having more money would help enormously. I need to pay my sister $300. I need to pay my council tax. I need to pay for a new coat. I need to pay for lunches out. I need to pay for more Christmas presents. I need to pay for craft fairs this Christmas. I really do not know what to do: I feel hope I will make more money, but it is frustrating having limited funds.

    How do you deal with the costs of Christmas? I can’t afford to not pay my bills: hence where all the money is going. I really would also like a few of your budgeting tips. How do YOU manage at this time of year? A credit card or loan is NOT an option for me. I refuse to borrow money or use a credit card. Other than that, your tips would  be great.

    Thank you.


    I suppose it is really less of an issue these days as most of the family don’t exchange presents because of the facts you mention Kitty.  I like to plan ahead and put money aside through the year. Now the children have grown it is more what to buy rather than how to finance it. You are good to refuse to borrow Kitty. That can be a road to ruin and more heartbreak. In my opinion the value in a credit card is with it’s convenience, security and short term interest free loan (that is already covered by money in the bank to pay it off) rather than a traditional loan.


    I love my credit card for buying from amazon etc it gives more protection than just a bank transfer. But I pay it in total each month as the bill comes in that way Im never tempted to buy more than I can afford to pay for.

    As for Christmas I budget, each week from household money I put aside at least €10 and by the time I cash in my saving pot I have about €450 to spend guilt free..

    We dont buy huge expensive gifts my daughter is getting some kitchen knives my husband something for his bar and the grandchildren always get one toy and the rest is clothes. My granddaughter is 10 this year and she has asked for a  tux ??  So grandma is hunting for a childs tux that wont break the bank..

    I think budgeting and buying less pricy but well planned, well thought out gifts the recipient loves are far better than expensive stuff we never use.


    My family never went overboard for Christmas, much less in debt.  I hate shopping because of the crowds, and the Christmas season brings out the worst in people.

    I spend several hundred dollars on good quality couverture, groceries and gift bags.  I make truffles and baked goods for gifts to family, friends, coworkers and neighbors.  This year, I’m participating in a white elephant gift exchange for our company Christmas party for the first time, and I had the hardest time deciding on a gift under $20. 😮

    The bulk of my Christmas spending goes toward charity and cash gifts (tips) for those who’ve served me well this past year.

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