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    One thing I’ve learned though (my income is now more than triple what it was then) is that whenever you get more income, it seems like your expenses somehow magically keep pace with it, and it never feels like you have enough.

    That’s the “induced demand” phenomenon…when supply increases, more is consumed…typically used in reference to building/widening roads to combat congestion…only for the congestion to soon return.  Or, we fill the bigger purse or additional pants pockets with even more stuff.

    I’ve seen it with many in my generation.  Instead of celebrating a raise or promotion by blowing only the <i>first </i>paycheck, they purchase something requiring a much larger/longer financial commitment, like a bigger home or fancier car.  I’ve increased my savings during those times and have long lived well below my means.  I still live in the home I purchased at 26 years old.

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    There is always something to buy in this world. And it is assumed the more money you have, the more you should buy. Say, a large house, an expensive car, restaurants: you get the gist.

    Because it is a material world: although I am no material girl. But the rich are often thought lucky and it is assumed we should be more like them. That we’re somehow lesser for living in an apartment, rather than a mansion. Or that we fly economy instead of private jet. There is thought to be a vast divide between rich and poor. But people are people: no matter the bank account.


    I heard you’re closer to being homeless than a billionaire.

    I’ll admit I’m a sucker for improving my lifestyle.  I’m about to spend $300 for a morning at the spa.  I have too much jewelry, too many pairs of shoes and boots, and too many articles of clothing I’ve only worn once.

    But whatever, it makes me feel good, and what’s the point of living if you’re going to be miserable?

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    My dog is sick the vet thought it might be a intestinal obstruction, he said we would have to do an xray but they are €80..

    I said ‘ok then I will eat less this month’..  (i actually have a saving account especially for vet bills)

    My dog makes me so happy, his health comes first..Being with him improves my health and well being.


    ps Luckily it wasnt an obstruction so hes had a couple of shots and some medication to take home and the bill was not too bad at €201-


    How is your dog doing now, cassandra? I hope he is better.

    I can understand your love for your dog: I love animals myself. I definitely love dogs. I also have a soft spot for cats. In fact, I watched – whilst I was ill yesterday – a few programmes on TV about animal and animal rescues. Really good watching.

    Anyhow, I hope your dog is on the mend.

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    @kitkatkitty , hes doing ok now,, the antibiotics have kicked in and he is recovering although he is hungry after a two day fast!

    That €200 is forgotten, he is well and thats all that matters… If he is happy Im happy…

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    I’m glad for your dog and yourself, cassandra. I can understand how you feel about your dog: pets are always valued and cherished. No one could be without their feline or canine companion.

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    I am glad your dog is Ok Cassandra.


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    I’m glad to hear about your furbaby, Cassandra! 🙂

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    Thankyou everyone.. His name is Murphy and he is a three yr old Stabijhoun.. His breed is one of the rarest in the world but to me he is priceless just because he is lovely..

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