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more windy weather heading for UK

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    I prefer a gently warm breeze.


    When we gets storms we really get storms..There is nothing to stop the wind the land is flat there are just a few villages and farms between our town and the sea so you often see roofs ripped off, cowsheds blown down, trees uprooted  etc ect.

    The sea borders are on high alert during storms because we are below sea level so the guards patrol the sea defenses and many gates at the harbours get closed.

    I do love a bit of wild weather though its like a good spring clean..


    That actually sounds scary, cassandra. I hope you’re safe when storms hit.

    That being said, I do think a little rain and a good breeze is good for nature and wildlife. It feeds the plants and flowers and clears the air. And – sometimes – we need to be shook-up to respect mother nature. Because we are on a volitile planet. There is no stopping the weather. Earth is a paradise but is also a dangerous place. Both in nature and humankind.

    Respect for our planet will help climate change and will make our weather system not be so volitile. Like ice melting in the North Pole and the suchlike. It sounds cheesy, but we only have one planet and need to look after her.


    I love the wind as long as it is not raining, especially by the sea it is moody and magnificent.


    [quote quote=215081]

    The sea borders are on high alert during storms because we are below sea level so the guards patrol the sea defenses and many gates at the harbours get closed.

    Luckily our prevailing winds are from the southwest so, although our fens are similarly flat, there is far less likelyhood of flooding. They are a little bit higher too, I think, but still only a few feet above sea level even within a few miles of me and I am many miles away from the sea. At bad times though it does happen. Boston was flooded only a few years back.



    Storm Francis hit us last night, the wind howled around the house and the rain lashed the windows.

    This monring it had died down a bit so we donned our macs and wellies and headed out..We are not silly enough to go to the woods during a storm just the flat fenland round the lakes, but the dogs loved it.. The wind rushed through the reeds like a thousand voices calling to them and everything moved rustled and sang.

    It was amusing to watch birds trying to take off into the wind and having to do a loop and land back where they started but on the way home the street next to ours was closed fire trucks are there and it looks as if one of the trees has snapped halfway down the trunk..

    George’s ears are proof of the wind and Murphy looked at the lake and realised bumpy water isnt good for swimming…

    [attachment file=”IMG_4826 – kopie.JPG”]
    [attachment file=”IMG_4829 – kopie.JPG”]


    Your dogs are gorgeous, cassandra! They are amazing animals. No wonder you’re in love with them!

    I had two dogs growing up. I love dogs: and cats, too. Animals make me feel happy. Even wildlife brings happiness to me. I love foxes, tigers, elephants, monkeys… all the animals in the animal kingdom.

    Anyhow, I’d love to see more photos of  your dogs, cassandra.


    George has his wings out ready for take off lol. They are lovely photos Cassandra, thank you.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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