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    We just got back from a mini trip with the family. Exhausted after being outdoors all day today and yesterday, we were all excited to come home and relax. Until…
    One of our cats broke her leg a few weeks ago. We have two cats and keep them separate while she is recovering. I guess things were too hectic when we got home. We feed the cats and didn’t keep our eye on the male one. Well they started to fit and her cask came off. I just hope she is ok.

    I’m not sure what’s up with the huge smiley faces. Maybe Martin can make them just a hair smaller!!! Although I do kinda like them too!

    But at least my laundry has finally dried. I best go bring it in before it rains again 😂


    Good morning everyone 🙂

    I hope your cat is Ok kiwi. If she is not too old the leg will maybe have healed already.

    It looks to me that the smiley faces grow when quoting a post. It would be good to be able to use them at times but maybe get out of hand if a section quoted had a few of them 😄


    I’m sorry to hear about your cat, kiwi. I hope she’s OK now. I can understand why people love their cats so much. My dad has a neighbour’s cat visit him. The clever cat sneaked into the house through my dad’s bedroom window and left a strong cat smell. Oh dear. Anyhow, today I have had my cup of coffee and have put on some laundry. It is a hot day so far. Britain is having a heatwave, as everybody knows. I have dinner to do this evening, as well. My family and I are having vegetable soup. I keep busy. Enjoy Tuesday, folks!



    It’s a pond. Β It is about 8ft by 4ft and about 4ft deep.

    But you are welcome to have a dip. πŸ™‚


    Britain’s heatwave wasn’t so hot here yesterday as it was cloudy all day – some would say pleasant 😄 I had work to do outside so it was Ok for that.

    I plan to relax more today. Have a good day everyone x



    Well after yesterday evening’s art group meeting I got to bed a little late so slept in and got up nearly mid morning πŸ™‚

    I did move tgen though and tided the tomatoes in the greenhouse. They are growing well.

    Have a fantastic day everyone x



    Still househunting here, but todays was a fantastic house in a fantastic location, but the garden is utterly, utterly over looked. πŸ˜›


    I know that feeling as our house and garden aren’t too bad but I would feel conspicuous if sunbathing in the garden. High hedges can work but if the garden is too small then it gets claustrophobic

    Good luck for finding your dream home soon cherry x



    It has been a fairly grey and downcast day here in Britain, in the Midlands. Still, there’s no rain and it isn’t too dull. I have been to the shops this morning and had lunch. I am just working on the computer this afternoon. I keep busy.


    Good morning ladies πŸ™‚

    I am looking forward to a bit of retail therapy this morning followed by a lazy Sunday afternoon (sounds like a good song – The Small Faces LOL).

    Have a nice day everyone x



    Morning ladies.

    Well this horrible heatwave has ended thank God. Cant stand it. Roll on autumn.

    News on my brother….he is having his flat modified, with hand rails and a wet room rather than a bath. Also he will need a mobility scooter. This is someone who spent ten years in the army…reduced to a mobility scooter.😥

    On a happier note, our new kitten is adorable. It’s like having a 2 year old again..into everything.

    My youngest son is currently on his first ever holiday without us, in Magaluf with his mates. Back on Thursday. I miss him loads.

    Have a good Monday ladies.


    Time is rolling on Siouxi, we are not going to hold it up.


    Good morning x

    I am glad things are going Ok Souxi, Just try to look on the bright side.

    Yesterday I was out on my bicycle down the farm tracks.Β  Ten miles of bumpy roads means a few aches today 😄 That will be the last time for a while as is is wet here this morning and forcast even wetter tomorrow. Maybe I will get to a few things I have been meaning to do inside LOL

    Happy Tuesday x



    Morning all. It’s raining a bit here in the south of the UK. I’ve a pile of washing as we are just back from holiday and it’s not going to get out on the line to dry anytime soon.


    It’s very wet here today. I am visiting my mother and a quick call to the supermarket but don’t relish going out too much. Luckily I have very little washing on the pile as most sorted just before it got wet.

    Have a good day ladies x


Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 605 total)

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