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    It’s damp here too – not exactly raining but a very fine wet mist. My washing is draped indoors to dry. Have a good day everyone


    I’m back because I haven’t felt needed to keep you updated on everything thats been going in life.

    Have to say that both the weather and temp have been really good, so far here.  Just wish that it could continue for the rest of it.  Expect for a couple to few of extreme temp.



    It is distinctly wet here. 😛


    It is improving here. Just damp today, not throwing it down like yesterday 😄

    Some washing in the washer. Just hoping it clears so the washing can dry a  bit


    Morning all. It’s dry here – hooray! Going to my dance class this afternoon so looking forward to a good workout.


    Good morning everyone!

    I hope your dance class went well Lindylo. My day was a little more relaxed. I think I need a similar incentive to move 😄



    Hi SpinningJen. My dance class was fine. Not to energetic as the room we use was very hot! It’s more of a social thing sometimes!


    Maybe A bit like my art group – Often more social than productive 😄


    Morning all. A bit cloudy here so far but it promises to brighten up. Lets hope so. Have a good weekend everyone.


    A nice day today. I was out picking the redcurrents. Not as many as last year but I cut them back hard earlier in the season.

    Very good after the last few days rain. Have a lovely week everyone 😊



    Morning everyone. it seems to be very quiet on here over the last couple of days. Hopefully everyone is out enjoying themselves.

    Have a good day.


    Good morning ladies 🙂

    I didn’t get here yesterday. I was not sure whether I was lazy or not as I didn’t get up until after 9 but soon after went out on a 12 – 15 mile bicycle ride rather than sit in front of the computer. I was a bit sore after but am Ok this morning. Making the most of the good spell in the weather x



    Morning everyone.

    Well done you for the bike ride SpinningJen. A bit too active for me! Can’t remember the last time I was on a bike. I thing I was about 15!


    It is the fourth of July here so I’m avoiding the crowds and staying home today. Been away on my trip to NYC spent most of it on the beach in Long Island and it was perfect. I might make it a yearly trip 🙂

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


    That sounds nice kiwi, I’m glad things went well  🙂

    Thank you Lindylo. It’s made me ache a bit but I have always enjoyed getting out into the country and exploring. I went for another bike ride yesterday. Now the total this week is well over twenty miles. Thats it for now though. A more restful day today hopefully, with a visit to my mother and art group this evening.

    Have a lovely day everyone x


Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 605 total)

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