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    Morning everyone. Lovely day here today. I’m off to a meeting this afternoon and think it might be a bit difficult to concentrate


    Good morning, It’s a bright sunny day. I hope you all will be fine all day.


    Well my art meeting was very nice as in the evening so cooling down. There were a few ideas discussed for expansion and staging an exibition near Christmas so I didn’t do much drawing, but if things go as planned I will have to sort a few examples 🙂

    Nice and sunny here this morning so planning to go out for a while on my bicycle and make the most of it while I can.

    Have a fruitful day everyone x



    Your exhibition sounds interesting. Love to wander around galleries.

    It’s sunny here at the moment and lovely and warm but we have had a sharp shower.

    Have a good day.


    I got out on my bicycle yesterday. Lovely sunshine. There was talk of showers but it didn’t rain until after dark. I was amazed to notice that one of my cacti which was in bud yesterday had flowered after dark. I know some do but previously this particular plant had flowered in the daytime. It was raining at  the time so it seemed even more strange (I put this cactus outside in the good weather, but it lives in the greenhouse in winter).

    Have a lovely day!



    Another lovely day here. A morning working in the garden I think then watching Wimbledon.


    The sun is shining, the weather is sweet.

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    Thank you Cherry – That really brightened up my day 🌞

    Have a good weekend everyone!



    My mom arrives tomorrow. She isn’t staying with me on this trip but I’ve been trying to tidy up just in case she comes over. We have two cats which she is highly allergic to so she is staying at a hotel with a swimming pool nearby 😎

    I am enjoying this sunshine!


    Morning. Another lovely sunny day. Hope all goes well with your mums visit Kiwi.


    Good afternoon everyone. I went out into the sunshine earlier as the forcast was for more cloud this afternoon (it has come and the sky is looking black 😕).

    I hope things go well with your mom kiwi. Mums always have ideas on how things should be 😄



    Thanks ladies, moms can be a lot of work! I got worked done this am, now time for laundry and straighten up the front room.

    It is berry season here so we are excited to bring Grandma to pick blueberries and marrionberries 🙂


    The weather here has been great since the rain disappeared mid morning.


    Has Papi not returned to the forum?


    Has Papi not returned to the forum?

    I shall certainly give her a dig in the ribs if she hasn’t. She is the last of the olde skool when I joined. 😧

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 605 total)

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