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    It is berry season here so we are excited to bring Grandma to pick blueberries and marrionberries 🙂

    I had to lookup Marionberry as I had never heard of it kiwi and noticed it is a big thing in Oregon. There are lots of blackberries locally on waste ground and in the wild so I collect them when they are ready, not for some time yet though.  I have been picking my Loganberries and adding them to my breakfast in the past couple of weeks. I have not got many but they are very tasty while they last.


    Morning all. Marionberries sound interesting. I’ve never heard of them as  I don’t think we can get them here in the UK. They seem to be a type of blackberry which we don’t harvest until later on in the summer. Make lovely pies etc.


    Good morning, ladies! I have been to the hairdresser this morning. I had my hair cut to my shoulders and put into a French plait. It’s gorgeous. I am just working on the computer now. I shall have lunch soon and a cup of tea. It did rain for a bit but the weather has cleared up now. It’s been a warm day, though. Have a nice day!


    Good morning ladies x



    Morning. Bright and sunny here again. Have a good day all.


    Nearly another week gone 😕 Where does it all go?

    I have been invited to a birthday party next week and was planning to make a special card. Time to make a start 😄

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone!



    Lovely – hope you enjoy the party spinning.jen. Do you make a lot of card? Perhaps you could post a picture? I used to make a few but haven’t done for a while.

    Have a good day everyone.


    Right, time to get dressed, sat around too long. 😛


    I hope everyone has had a good weekend.

    The party is not until next weekend Lindylo so I have a (little) while to sort the card. It is something I started doing last Christmas when we decided the ‘Secret Santa’ idea in our art group would be to give a card to a name secretly drawn out of a hat (another member of the group). I have done one or two since. I generally paint them.

    Well the sun is shining so I hope to get out on my bicycle later. Have a lovely day ladies x



    Morning everyone. The sun is shining here too and it’s supposed to be a lovely day. Cutting the grass beckons.


    I sorted the hedge yesterday – along with a nice bike ride but got rather burnt 😏 Thankfully not much although over a large area, but not painful and should be Ok in a few days. I will take it steady today 😄

    Have a nice day everyone x



    Ouch sunburn is painful! Hope it gets better soon.

    Sunny here again. Had a quick whizz round the house this morning but it’s a bit too hot to do very much.

    May go for a walk later on. Have a good one all.


    I had an early start today. I had my usual cereal and coffee. I later took a wander around town and bought myself a pair of earrings I’ve had my eye on. I treated myself to an ice cream: a magnum. Very nice. I have had lunch. I had cheese and smoked salmon crackers. I am just working on the computer now. I keep busy.


    This morning I wore a relatively plain pair of black leather flats, but I was working ………… 😛


    Morning ladis.

    We had big thunderstorms yesterday. ⛈⛈💦☔️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Parts of Cornwall really suffered with flooding and very strong winds. Took roofs off. 🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪Some pictures of spectacular lightning in the papers. Kept me awake in the night. Much calmer today though.

    Have a good day ladies. 🙂

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