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    Had the storm here in the south east too. Must admit though I actually slept through it!


    We have had a bit of rain here but no big storms overhead. It is rather wet today though. Luckily I am not going far. Make the best of it ladies – The sun will return 😊 x



    I actually slept through the storm. I only found out about it when my close friend told me. Anyhow, I have published a book today. And I did not pay for it. It is wonderful that there are such services on the Internet. I have also been listening to music: Madonna’s “Ray of Light” and Christina Aguilera’s “Stripped”. Both are classics. I am a huge music fan. Anyhow, it’s been all systems go today.


    I went on a nice bike ride yesterday. I love summer and all the time outdoors however I am getting a little anxious that I am going to really miss all this sunshine when it is gone (Oregon winters can be sunless and rainy/chilly) and trying to make the best out of every day this summer!

    We have this fun event in town every Wednesday, Music in the Park, where the town sets up a big stage under a pavilion and there is plenty of space in the park lawn to bring a blanket or chairs to sit on. It is so nice to be outdoors and listen to live music with the family.

    Did I mentioned I LOVE being outdoors too. lol!

    Anyone else get anxious they are going to miss the sunshine after this summer or is this just an Oregon thing?

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    Good luck with the book Kitty x

    It’s nice in the sunshine. The sunburn I go at the beginning of the week is rapidly fading now so was not as bad as I feared. I do love the sun as well. With the global warming we seem to be getting more warmer but wet winters which can be so depressing. When I was little the winters were much colder, but I do remember January in particular being very sunny, which was good after a foggy November and cold wet December.

    Luckily it’s sunny here today a nice fresh breeze too! Make the most of the sunshine everyone x


    100 degrees F here in Arabian Gulf.  Too hot to go outside.  A/C not working – am sweating.  Wish I was back in cloudy, drizzly north-west of England.  Would give anything to feel cool rain on my face right now!



    The weather here doesn’t know whether it wants to rain or be sunny. I have been busy today: I went food shopping, paid my rent, had lunch and am working on the computer. It is nice to get things done. Oh: thank you for the good luck, Jen! I really hope people enjoy reading my book. I got to choose the price: so I chose it to cost £5. The lowest you were allowed to charge is just above £4. Anyhow, have a nice afternoon, folks!


    Good morning everyone x

    After doing the weekly shop this morning I am hoping for a relaxing day. It got a bit too busy yesterday afternoon with a friends party, visit my mother and visit another friend. I was tired by the day was done!


    Morning all. It’s raining here at the moment and looks set in for the day. Friday was lovely and bright and I went on a trip to the local lavender fields. Picked loads and once dried out the flowers will make great lavender bags.


    Good morning everyone 😃

    That sounds like a good trip Lindylo. I have seen fields of Lavender although they are not common around here. The local farmers are varying things quite a bit these days though.



    I’ve had my coffee this morning. I have a blood test later this morning. Wonderful. Anyhow, I am working on the computer ATM. I have had my cereal, as well. It’s not a bad morning, actually. It’ll be nice when the blood test is over and done with. I seem to have to have had a million blood tests over the years. Argh.


    Good luck with the blood test Kitty. Not my favourite thing to have done.

    It’s raining here this morning – deep joy!

    Off to the theatre this afternoon after a nice lunch out.


    Well, I had my blood test: I didn’t even feel the needle. Of course, I couldn’t look but it was quick & painless. I had an excellent nurse by the name of Mary. Anyhow, I have been working on the computer: I had an early start. I shall be getting ready for the day shortly. I have a few things to do. I shall be going shopping later this morning. Do have a nice day and thank you for the good luck, SpinningJen! I am very excited about the book.


    I used to hate having blood tests as I was not keen on needles. I don’t know why I worried about them though as these days I don’t worry so much. I have a fascination with seeing the blood appear. Some of it may be down to experience though as, when I worked in healthcare, I had a job as technician in the area of lung function for a while. Although it was not really my field the only other person available refused because she could not stand the sight of blood (she worked in nuclear medicine so less of an issue). To do blood gasses I had to prick a persons thumb and get a capillary tube of blood for analysis. Training for this is short so it was easy for them to get me into it. It was an interesting diversion but I soon got used to the sight of a tube filling up 😕

    I am not keen on bloodtests still though as I always worry that they may find a problem.

    Anyway Dracula is for the night 🌞

    I hope you had a lovely meal and afternoon out Lindylo.

    Have a lovely day everyone x


    Another week begins – with sunshine 😎😎😊

    Have a brilliant week everyone x


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