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    Good morning ladies 🌻x



    Morning everyone. The sun is out here in the sunny UK.


    Good morning x  Another beautiful morning this morning



    Good morning. I have done some work on the computer and am getting ready for the day. I went to work as normal yesterday. Anyhow, it is a gorgeous sunny day. I hope everyone enjoys their day!


    A nice day here at the moment. It is my art group tonight so I hope it stays fine.  I am jst beginning to look at ideas for Christmas cards (very early LOL but I like hand painting cards for some people,  which takes time).

    Have a lovely day everyone x



    yeah, it is really a wonderful movie, I like Emma very much, so beautiful.


    It is a lovely sunny day here in Britain. I have just been listening to the Aly & AJ album “Into The Rush”. It’s excellent. I bought it from a charity shop in Ireland this summer. I am addicted to it! (along with YouTube: but that is a different story!). Have a nice day everyone.


    It was sunny here in Britain! It’s ‘yuk’ today with rain at the moment over in the east. I cannot complain though as I had a nice evening yesterday with my art group and I am not planning much outside today.


    Enjoy your day ladies 😊 x



    Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. I’ve been taking advantage of the dry and sunny weather here in Oregon by being outdoors as much as possible.

    We have the solar eclipse in view here on Monday, I’m very excited!

    How is everyone’s summer going?


    My summer is going great! It has rained seldom here in the UK: apart from last night when it tipped down. Today I have been working on the computer and just doing bits & bobs. It is a lazy Saturday for me. Have a nice day!


    Happy weekend everyone 😊

    My summer is Ok but a bit quiet. I feel like I am missing something.

    The shopping list is too short to do the usual weekly shop today so I will go out for a walk, calling in at the local car boot sale. A bit of browsing round the bargains will maybe cheer me up x



    I wnet to the car boot yesterday, with only eggs to get on the list, and came back with a couple of bags full of different things 😄

    Among other items, I now have enough reading for the next couple of months at least! Aslo some more art pens.

    Things got worse later in the evening though as I felt really ill. Possible food poisoning as bad stomach as well as just feeling ill, so I went to bed early.

    Today the sun is out and I am feeling much better! Have a brialliant day ladies x



    Morning all. Raining here and looks to last most of the day 😢

    You are lucking to have a reasonable boot sale near you SpinningJen. We have one here but it’s not that good – mostly tat so not really worth going to unless you are really lucky to spot something good.


    It’s not a big boot sale Lindylo but has not got commercialised in the way of some of them. There are bigger ones around but not within walking distance. I think boot sales have taken over from the jumble sales which used to be common.

    I hope the weather is better with you today. It’s looking dull, but dry, here today. I may go out and pick blackberries later, if it stays fine, as we are running low.


    I have been working on the computer this morning, as I usually do. I am listening to Kylie Minogue’s album “Impossible Princess”. It’s a great album, but I don’t understand why it didn’t sell better. It’s great music and deserves credit. Anyhow, have a nice day!

Viewing 15 posts - 226 through 240 (of 605 total)

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