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    Good morning everyone 😊

    It’s a nice sunny morning here at the moment, but really getting cooler. I am thinking seriously of breaking out the winter pj’s now ❄


    I have had a busy morning. I got a visit from the fire service about my smoke alarm. They fitted one for free and gave me advice about preventing a fire. I ran the hoover around and am airing out my flat. I have also put on the laundry. The weather isn’t too bad: just a little cloudy. I LOVE autumn. It is my favourite season. I am looking forward to Halloween. I will be attending a Halloween party at my social club. I will also be visiting a friend and she’ll be having a buffet. I am also looking forward to Guy Fawkes Night. I shall be going at the local primary school, opposite my dad’s house. It is all going on!


    Good morning everyone!

    It’s a lovely sunny morning here at the moment. Hopefully it will carry on over the weekend as I have an outdoor art session planned. I don’t know about Halloween and Guy Fawkes Kitty, but in art group we are in the process of organising our Christmas Dinner. Time flies! 😏

    Have a good weekend ladies x


    Time does fly. I have been doing some cleaning this morning. I have also been working on the computer. It is a slightly cloudy day but it isn’t too bad.

    I went out last night for a meal with a friend. She turns 35 years old on Thursday, so we celebrated. It was a delicious meal. I also went out for lunch on Saturday and had my sister’s birthday meal out that evening. We went to a Chinese restaurant with my dad, brother, myself and – obviously – my sister.

    I went to work like normal yesterday. I work as an office assistant, which I enjoy. It’s a good job.

    That is my weekend in a nutshell!


    My weekend was slightly different as I did the shopping on Saturday rather than my usual Sunday.

    On Sunday morning I was out with the art group around the cathedral area of Lincoln doing some sketching. We went for for a meal together at lunchtime afterward. It was quite a packed morning as there was a small antique market on there at the time. A lovely morning. The weather was beautiful!


    Sounds lovely Jen. Have always wanted to go to Lincoln but haven’t got around to it yet. I love York, it has such great shopping.


    I like York too Lindylo. It’s a few years since I have been there.


    Morning ladies. Had overnight rain here but the sun is now trying to peek through the clouds. Dancing class this afternoon – really looking forward to a good workout.


    Good morning 😊

    It’s now dull again here but was sunny yesterday afternoon. Dancing class sounds like a good idea Lindylo. After lapsing with my morning home workout over the summer I have no restarted and am just relaxing after it. I hope it will be fine today as I am planning to get out for a walk round the fields and woodland. I am getting lazy!


    It was the tango yesterday Jen. Lots of stretching!

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    It isn’t morning now, but I got on with my day this morning, doing chores. I am very organized. It’s nice to get things done. Have a good Saturday, when it arrives!


    Morning Ladies! Sorry I have not been on recently, life got in the way, then I had some account issues. I have gotten back on though, and it feels nice to be back.


    Good morning ladies!

    Sorry for being absent. Had a panic a few days ago. Tried ringing my brother. Went to voicemail. So I left a message telling him if he didnt ring in ten minutes,we would be coming over,and I would ring the police. Got there….he’s sitting on his couch watching telly. Hadnt charged his phone up. 😡😡😡

    Mum and dad are in North Cyprus at the moment,come back tomorrow. Beem very hot there. Piddling with rain here at the moment,

    I’ve spent a long time tidying my daughters bedroom this morning. I found carpet!😱😱😱


    Morning ladies.

    Lovely sunny day so far. Mind you,according to the weather reports lately, we are supposed to be getting the tail end of TWO hurricanes! 😱😱🌫🌪💨


    Hi Souxi x

    I hope your brother is generally OK

    It’s rather dull over this side of the country at the moment. Still – Looking out I can see a bit of blue. Whatever happened to the September heat wave we were supposed to be having 😄

    Have a lovely day everyone!

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