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Morning ladies

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    Well, I’ve done some cleaning and have gotten some work on the computer done. I have work this afternoon. It is turning out to be a productive day!

    Have a nice day!


    I’ve done a bit of cleaning too and now having a well deserved cup of coffee.

    This afternoon I’m going to a ladies group meeting. I think the speaker is going to talk about Buckingham Palace so might be interesting.


    Good morning ladies 😊

    It is yet another morning when I think about making a start on my Christmas cards. No No – I am not thinking about writing them. Far too early 😄 Last year with our art group I hand painted a card for ‘Secret Santa’. It seemed such a good idea that I thought I would paint some for close friends this year. I have made a start though. I did buy some blank card and envelopes at the weekend. Now for the inspiration 🎅


    I think that’s a great idea! I hadn’t thought of painting Christmas cards for friends & family. To be honest, I’ll just buy them, but it is an excellent idea and a good way to make Christmas more special. I have actually started my Christmas shopping. I like to be organized. I am the kind of person who likes to get things done. It’ll be Christmas meals out and all that jazz. I have a work Christmas meal and two meals with my social groups. It is one hectic time of year!

    Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.


    Morning ladies.

    Yep I have a wish list for Christmas sorted. Nothing like being prepared. Hate leaving things until the last minute.

    What does everyone do at Christmas? In our house it’s just us and the kids. Nice and quiet how we like it. Mum and dads house isnt big enough for all of us. I would hope my brother will go to mum and dads,but knowing him,he’ll want to be on his own.

    Well…BT openreach have been doing some work in our street,and managed to disconect my phone and my neighbours. My internet has been on and off as well, my neighbour had no internet at all. Even though I am with Sky,openreach maintain the phone lines.

    Have a good Wednesday ladies.


    Morning all. I hate leaving Christmas to the last minute too but I haven’t worked up any enthusiasm yet! I did buy some cards from the RHS online so that’s a start!


    Well – such a busy day yesterday!

    Starting with the hairdresser, very early, then into town for a general ‘bits and pieces’ shop. Very hectic and a little worrying that I had outstayed the limit on car parking (luckily no ticket 😊). It is so seldom I get into the town centre these days, that the list builds up. I am glad that I got most things done though. I am there again next week for the dentist, but realise there would be too much to do if left until then. I mentioned back home that next week I could pickup things I had forgotton yesterday 😄

    At Christmas we will be at home Souxi. I think my son is coming up from the Isle of Wight before Christmas to visit family and friends locally. His wife has family around the Coventry area so they will likely visit them on the way through, then they will return to their home for Christmas. My stepson is more local so we will likely see hime over the Christmas period.

    I hope it is as sunny elsewhere for everyone as it is here at the moment. Have a lovely day x




    Evening ladies.

    My phone is finally working! Yayyy! Since Monday! I expect a refund.

    Lovely day  today. Sun was shining,but very breezy.


    Morning ladies.

    Phone went off again…and finally came back yesterday. Grrrrr.

    Went to the dentist yesterday to have a tooth out.😥😥 I hate dentists,but it had to be done, so I was very brave.

    Autumn is setting in now. Leaves are changing colour, and it’s getting chilly.

    Halloween is not far  away!🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃


    Good morning everyone 😊

    You remind me Souxi – I visit the dentist on Friday (13th 😕).  I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    I think all phone companies have these little periods when things ‘play up’. As most of the non cable systems are run by BT, we are in the same boat.

    I agree with the ‘chilly’. It seemed cold yesterday. The colours of the leaves on the trees are now looking lovely though!


    Fortunately, my Internet seldom stops working. I cannot survive without the Internet, considering all my work involves being online. Anyhow, I went to work on Monday, as usual. I also did some cleaning yesterday. I have been online all morning today. I am keeping busy.

    Have a nice day!


    Friday the 13th at the dentist?! Eeek! 😱😱 Good luck. I’ll pray for you. 😂😂


    [attachment file=139157]



    I am happy that I working hard for my family but now I think that I need some break in my life.


    I did have a lie-in today, but once I got going I did the cleaning. Tomorrow I go food shopping and will just do some work on the computer.

    Have a lucky Friday the 13th people!

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