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Morning ladies

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    Morning ladies.

    A gloomy start to the day,but we are getting an Indian summer over the next few days…a late blast of heat! Lovely.

    My daughter arrived safely in Venice yesterday. Her and her bf are going to visit a Damien Hurst exhibition. Not my cup of tea but they like that kind of thing.

    Fingers crossed for the dentist Jen. Have a good day ladies.


    Thank you Souxi 😊

    I have now been to the dentist and there is nothing to be done 😀 I fell over a few years back now and almost lost my front teeth. I have one broken one, but they survived; just play up from time to time. Ideally I would have cosmetic work done, but my opinion with medical things is, if my body is working – leave well alone! My dentist does not push to do things either.

    Damien Hurst is not really my cup of tea either. Except for some surreal works I prefer more traditional art.

    Have a lovely weekend ladies! I am looking forward to it being warmer, but I suspect not bikini weather 😄 x


    Good morning ladies 😊

    We have had our (short!!!) warm spell. After a very dirty looking yellow sky with orange sun the other day things are now looking very October like – damp and grey LOL

    Make the most of things and have a lovely day everyone xxx



    I have been busy today. I’ve been working on the computer and just sorted stuff in my flat, really. I have my social club tonight. Friday I am going food shopping. I keep busy.

    Have a nice evening everyone and enjoy your Friday!


    Hi everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend 😊

    Mine was quiet. I did get to touch base with my son though. He lives on the Isle of Wight and recently moved house, not taking his phone number. It’s been a while but he has now sorted, and we had a good chat.


    I went to the cinema yesterday. The film was excellent. Today I have been doing some cleaning and working on the computer. I keep busy.

    Have a nice Wednesday!


    My art group last night. We had the draw for ‘Secret Santa’ last night so I know who I need to draw / paint a Christmas card for. It will keep me busy too!

    Have a lovely day everyone 😊 x



    Afternoon all hope you are all well.

    Your art group sounds interesting Jen. I used to make cards but haven’t made any lately.


    Evening here. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. It’s been a busy few months and hoping I can slow it all down.

    I just got back from visiting family. My aunt was just told she has stage IV cancer. Sighhh…life can change with every breath we take, hug your loved ones!

    Hope everyone is well.


    Hi kiwi 😊

    I have missed you x

    Slow it down? You can hope with Halloween then on to Thanksgiving and Christmas 😄

    I am sorry to hear about your aunt. One thing I have learned over the last few years is that nothing is forever. Whatever the outcome I hope she suffers no pain.

    Well the sun is shining here at the moment. Much cooler now. Have a good week everyone x



    I had a good weekend. I went out & about with my sister. Saturday we also made cottage pie, which was rather nice! As today is Monday, I have been doing some cleaning, as you do. I have work this afternoon and am just working on the computer this morning.

    Have a nice Monday!


    Morning ladies.

    A frosty start to the day today. Nice and bright and sunny though.

    The fireworks have been mad. So loud. Sound like bombs going off. Scared my cats,rabbits and gerbils.

    Anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I have. Got loads. Love Christmas


    Good morning everyone. I hope your weekends went well.

    I do feel a bit for the animals. When I was very little I used to hate the loud bangs!

    My stepson has started suggesting ideas for us, and my son has arranged his Christmas visit. The end of November though as it would be tricky at Christmas, because of coming through London (rail travel). I do enjoy Christmas, but take things as they come rather than major planning.

    Have a lovely week ladies x



    I went to work on Monday, as usual. I have been doing some cleaning this morning and working on the computer.

    The weather is chilly but it’s not raining or anything. It is actually quite sunny where I am.

    I am just listening to Madonna’s album “Hard Candy”. It is actually a really good album. Her “Ray of Light” is legend.

    Have a nice day!


    I’m new here but I hope that this forum can help me better myself and help me help others. Hope everyone has a great day!

Viewing 15 posts - 286 through 300 (of 605 total)
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