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    Well, it’s December the 1st. Where has time gone? I have done some Internet shopping this morning. I also am working on the computer. I am going shopping in the real world later today.

    I went to my social group last night: I had a great time! I do enjoy spending time with my friends.

    Have a nice Friday, everyone!


    Good afternoon everyone 😃

    A lazy Sunday LOL after my morning shop.

    I hope your weekend is going well ladies x



    OMG Girls who tried this coat before ???? i’m falling in LOVE now hhhh
    I found it in HANZ shopping


    Hello Vlaeria. I am very interested in reading your book and will do so in the near future. I have written a few books myself and love the whole process. Anyhow, good luck! It is all very exciting.

    Today I have been doing some cleaning and working on the computer. My circuit breaker went off – and so cut off the electric – so I had to switch it back on. A real pain. Anyhow, enjoy your Thursday everyone!


    Sitting here expectantly this morning waiting for the snow to begin 😄  The weather forcast said we were in for heavy snow this morning for a couple of hours, just on the time I would be going shopping so I shopped yesterday. I know that in other parts of the UK it has already come. I hope everyone is Ok (people in California too with the fires).

    Have a good day ladies x



    Well the snow turned out to be the lightest sprinke, only obvious on the roads for an hour or so before most melted away.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend 😊

    Have a lovely week x



    We had falling snow all day yesterday which is really unusual for this part of the country. It looks really lovely out there but there is a bitterly cold wind. Have a good week everyone.


    Good morning ladies 😊

    Has there been an issue with the site? I couldn’t get on yesterday at all!

    Things are going toward Christmas now. I had my Christmas meal with the art group on Wednesday – lovely!

    Have a good day everyone x



    SpinningJen: so it wasn’t just my computer. I couldn’t get this site yesterday, either. Still, it’s working now.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your Christmas meal with your art group! I had my Christmas meal with my social club last night. It was delicious. I have a work Christmas lunch on Tuesday, too. I do enjoy such occasions! Alas, in a few weeks it’ll all be over. Let’s make the most of it! I shall be wrapping my Christmas presents this weekend. I have decided to put together a food hamper for my sister. My close friend gave me the idea unintentionally.

    I am going food shopping today and have been doing some housework and working on the computer. I keep busy.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


    I’ve had problems trying to get on the site for the last couple of days but got in first try this morning.

    Went for a Christmas lunch with our ladies group yesterday. It was really lovely and at a smart hotel.

    Present wrapping over the weekend. deep joy.


    I am glad everyone’s Christmas lunches are going well.

    I took a couple of presents out with me this afternoon, but have not got everything done by any means.

    Things are building up now though 😊



    Well we had a Christmas tradition growing up. My mother would always roast a Christmas goose with all the trimmings- like Thanksgiving. I’d even be allowed a little wine. Well the folks are gone now but I somehow feel obliged to continue the tradition. Its an enormous task- first to find a goose. Then all the fixings. And its just me and Luciano, the cat, so we would be eating goose for a month. They are never small. So I always invite several of the neighbors, who happen to be ship wreaked for the holiday. Always a grand time, but I have to start early. Like now.


    All my Christmas meals out are over now. Anyhow, I have been working on the computer this morning and listening to music. Anyhow, Merry Christmas and enjoy your day!


    Thank you 😊

    Merry Christmas everyone 🎅

    Have a good holiday x



    I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! I received some lovely presents. My favourite was a silver ring, given to me from my sister. I also love the nail polish set I got from one of my best friends. I do love having party nails all the time.

    Anyhow, I didn’t go shopping on Boxing Day. I will be going shopping tomorrow, though. I have a fair amount of money to spend.

    It’ll be New Year’s Eve soon. Have a good one!

Viewing 15 posts - 316 through 330 (of 605 total)

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