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    A quiet, but enjoyable Christmas. My favourite present at the moment are some cosy pyjamas. Just the thing for the current weather, now it has turned cooler. I wasn’t planning to go down to the shops before next week at the earliest as we are having a bit of a re-organisation at home at the moment now that my son has been and sorted through his childhood things. There should be more room shortly 😄

    Good luck with the bargains everyone!



    Looks like me and the cat will be eating goose for quite some time.


    Well, it’s the 31st of December, so I hope everyone enjoys the New Year celebrations. I have been working on the computer this morning. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, as well and Santa sent some lovely presents! Anyhow, have a successful 2018!


    Good morning everyone!

    A quiet New Year for me, as was Christmas, but I enjoyed the rest.

    I hope everone’s break (or time if you didn’t get one) went well.

    Happy New Year x



    Morning everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all. We had a quiet one but there were plenty of fireworks locally so it was a bit noisy. Anyone made any resolutions? I’m trying to cut down on how much I eat so no snacking for me and plenty of fruit instead of chocolate!


    I have noticed my bigger tum over Christmas😕 I think I am just going to have to generally cut back as I eat lots of fruit – too much in fact! I often eat a ‘five a day’ at one sitting.


    Happy New Years ladies! We spent the last of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 grounded in nature.

    Here are some photos 🙂


    Looks lovely Kiwi. It is rare places locally where the scenery looks so ancient even though we have many wooded areas. It’s nice to hear from you again 😊 x



    I had my morning coffee on the waters of Lake Waco this morning.


    What is the weather like in Lake Waco? I’m in Oregon where it is in the 40s F. Brrrr today, so I’m indoor trying to focus on work.


    Thanks SpinningJen! How was your holidays?


    The holiday was fairly quiet Kiwi. My son came up from the Isle of Wight sometime before Christmas for a couple of days and stepson  popped in on Christmas Eve, but otherwise just the two of us. A good reason not to go out in the poor weather anyhow 😄


    Morning everyone. Quite a nice bright day here and at least the high winds have subsided. Been for a walk this morning so getting plenty of exercise. Walked around St Albans lake yesterday, it was cold but pleasant.


    I have had a busy morning: I went food shopping and ate lunch. I had sausages & hoops. I popped into the library: my regular haunt. I borrowed four books, which I am looking forward to reading. I am always reading: and not just books. I do have a weakness for women’s magazines! Anyhow, it is cold but pleasant and I am just working on the computer.

    Have a nice Friday everyone!


    Good morning everyone!

    I hope your weekend was good. Mine was not too bad. There is still quite a bit of food left from Christmas so my shopping bill was fairly low this week. I do notice that prices have shot up recently though.

    Have a lovely week ladies x


Viewing 15 posts - 331 through 345 (of 605 total)

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