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    Oh dear it’s grey and dismal here this morning. Started to do some cleaning but it’s too dark to do it properly so I shall just have to have a cup of coffee!

    Have a good day everyone.


    It’s Monday morning. I have been drinking a cup of coffee and working on the computer. It is a grey day, but will be a busy day. I have my shift this afternoon and some cleaning to do. I am listening to Madonna’s album “Hard Candy” at the moment. It’s a great album! I am a huge Madonna fan. Anyhow, have a nice Monday!


    I have just finished my morning exercises and breakfast. At this time I like to have a quick scan around before getting on 😊

    Our art group are having a mini exhibition this week, so I am preparing a few pictures for that. I am a little nervous as to how it will go. It is not being broadly advertised so it may be quiet, but you never know 😄

    Have a lovely day x



    Hi ladies, what an awful day I am reduced to making bread and sorting my clothes out. Funny how when you actually decide to throw that dress out you just cannot do it and then decide to slim down to wear it, but you never do.


    The solution mikki is to have 2 closets- one for thin the other for fat. So when you are fatter you don’t have to see your slim clothes that you cant wear

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    That’s a good idea Rhonda. My son, who moved out a couple of years ago, just before Christmas came and sorted his childhood things. I now have an empty closet in his old room. Room for expansion 😄


    Hi Rhonda, I just noticed your reply about having 2 closets. It is a good idea that I am near to fulfilling as hubby has decorated our new spare room mainly for my clothes storage ( much grumbling there ! ). He is sweet though and I have two new closets coming soon so more shopping on the cards ( oh dear is that a pun ). I do usually have 2 sizes in regular stuff but having lost weight I need the sales online now to replenish. Sorry to be longwinded have a lovely day. xx


    Well, it is Friday and I have been drinking a cup of coffee. I am just browsing the Internet. I am also listening to the Christina Aguilera album “Stripped”. It’s excellent. I shall be giving myself a manicure this evening. I am going to the shops in a few hours time. I went Tenpin Bowling last night with friends. I had a great time! I went to the cinema on Wednesday. I saw the film “The Greatest Showman”. I loved it. Anyhow, have a nice Friday and weekend.


    Hi all, work to day alas but shall pamper myself tonight and hubby cooking dinner, how lovely !


    It is Sunday morning now. I couldn’t sleep, so went on here. I am listening to some music as I browse on the Internet. I have been on Facebook, which I love. It’ll be a relaxing day today. I have had my breakfast and a cup of coffee.

    Have a pleasant Sunday, everyone.


    Hi KitKatKitty, I have had my cup and relaxing too as weather is awful, wet and foggy. Staying in and going to have a lovely soak soon, while hubby watches football.


    It’s now Monday morning after a bit of a wet weekend. I was lucky yesterday in that I managed to get the weekly shop done before the snow / sleet started to come down. It made for a wet day (again!), but the snow did not settle.

    I am just checking emails etc before doing some artwork. In a fairly cold house motivation is hard though 😕

    Have a wonderful week everyone 😊 x


    Hi all, we don’t have snow and that yellow thingy in the sky has appeared from somewhere, First coffee and a spot of online shopping now.


    I think clothes and shoes are my biggest expense- other than rent. I justify that by telling myself that my job expects me to be nicely dressed even when I go to construction sites.  So that’s where I’m off to today. Later girls


    Ah, clothes and shoes what is there in life apart from a handsome guy on your arm. I am not that shallow really just feeling less serious about life today, I think it is called departmentalizing ( how clever am I this late in the day to spell that ) lol.

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