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Morning ladies

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    I like the ‘less serious’ lol If you cannot laugh what is there! There was precious little of the yellow thingy here yesterday. It’s late up today as well. Oh well someone will be lucky 😄


    Back to normal then that yellow thingy hiding from us again. dull and windy ( that is hubby sometimes lol ). A quick brekkie and off to work soon, it’s all go.


    I have been working on the computer all morning. I went to work yesterday, as normal. I work at a charity, which I really enjoy. I also went to the library yesterday: I am addicted to reading. And to YouTube. Anyhow, I keep busy.


    Good afternoon here from Oregon. Winter is here and I think I need to start taking my vitamin D!

    I’m looking forward to spring this year. This winter has been really sad. Dealt with my aunt passing from cancer and now her son, my cousin who would have turned 32, died the other weekend. He suffered cardiac arrest and ultimately was classified as brain dead. Tragic and devastating news for me and my family.

    So I’m really looking forward to that sunshine this spring!!


    Hi girls, nothing changes day has broken and yellow thingy has gone away for a Winter break. First coffee then get ready for work, will need a boat to travel or a handsome fireman to get me there lol.


    I was caught out in the rain this morning. Luckily outside of home but the torrential downpour came on suddenly. Not a good start to the day 😏

    I am sorry to hear your sad new Kiwi. I do hope there are better times ahead x



    Hi all, lucky me missed the torrent but the dogs made up for it by walking into the lounge after a nice run over the muddy lawn. I could have cried but I do love them.


    Hi all, I think the great flood is over , I might actually be able to go out for a walk. After brekkie, doing the washing, fixing my nails, washing up ( dishwasher on the blink ), grooming the dogs, housework, doing my face, sorting out knicker drawer, getting hair done and catching up with e-mails. Oh day is over missed the fine weather again now bed and a cuddle. x


    I hope the great flood is over Mikki but wait and see, The big yellow globe was out most of yesterday. Not today yet, but it is dry so I hope to get out for a walk through the woods later. Have a lovely day everyone 😊



    Morning, folks. I have had breakfast and am working on the computer. I feel unwell this morning: I have a headache and feel nauseous. I hate feeling sick. Anyhow, enjoy your Saturday.


    Hi Kitkatkitty, shame you are not feeling well. the weather does not help. More rain here so staying in and doing some baking, then popping out for a quick spot of shopping with a girlfriend. Hope you feel better soon. x


    Thank you, mikki. I wanted to go out today, but will be stuck indoors now. Alas, I will walk to my dad’s house and just rest today, and maybe watch YouTube.

    Have a nice Saturday, mikki.


    That is always interesting, have a good one too x


    Good morning ladies. I hope everyone had a good weekend, and you are much improved Kitty. At least it was a little warmer than recently. I am looking forward to our art group meeting on Wednesday. I have felt so cooped up over the winter.

    Have a good week 😊 x



    Hi all, had a guy in this morning to finish off toilet/ utility and my extra clothes space so have been busy making tea etc. Afternoon now and yellow thingy has decided to appear again so the dogs get a walk at last. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Viewing 15 posts - 361 through 375 (of 605 total)
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