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    Well, it’s Wednesday morning. I had a nice lie-in and have made myself a cup of coffee. I am just listening to Madonna’s album “Hard Candy” . It’s pretty good. I do like Madonna. Anyhow, it’ll be a lazy day for me, as I have no work. I shall be helping my sister cook dinner at her house tonight, though. I keep busy.

    Have a nice Wednesday!


    The yellow thingy may have appeared in the sky for daytime, which is good, but I was absolutely freezing last night. I did manage to see the ginormous moon when it was well dark after the street lights had gone off though. Ther’s always a silver lining😊!

    Have a lovely day everyone x


    Yes sun is out and the moon was lovely last night apart from the hailstorm and torrent of rain. I am being picky I know, coffee and cake now then doggy walk. Have a good day everyone. x


    It is Friday. I had my morning cup of coffee and am on the computer, obviously. I am going food shopping later today, as well. I keep busy.

    Have a nice day!

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    Hi Kitty, can I call you that ? yes the sun is out sitting here as well checking messages with a cup of coffee. Then a few exercises , dog walk and food shopping, nothing like a routine is there. Putting my clothes in my new wardrobes soon and lots of space for more, goody goody.


    Hi. I am in the middle of my Saturday morning chores. It is wet here so I will not be spending much time outside, although the garden could do with a tidy before the coming growing season. I am not going to grow my usual chillies and tomatoes this year (not as many anyway). Maybe something different. I will look at my seeds later and do a little planning.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone x



    We are trying to get our avocado stones to develop into trees…



    Morning everyone, lovely day, so tidying the garden ready for planting, then cooking lunch and a walk on the beach with hubby. H ave a good  day to you all.


    Good afternoon everyone! Of course, I had my daily shower. I did some cleaning and put on a load of laundry. I am just chilling out with a cup of coffee and shall soon have lunch. I’ve been working on the computer, too. It is a nice day, so will walk to my dad’s house later this afternoon.

    Enjoy your Sunday.


    Hi Kitty, good afternoon to you, weather still holding so we had a lovely walk with the dogs, then I have spent too much time on the computer answering messages ( not really I do enjoy it ). will be getting tea soon and cuddling up on the sofa to watch Endeavour.


    A new series of Endeavour! Not my favourite, but I will similarly be cuddled up on the sofa watching it 🙂 x



    Hi Jen, I do like it, it is the sixties clothing perhaps that does it for me all those mini skirts lol. My favourite is LINE OF DUTY as it is so dramatic and well acted. Anyway a good cuddle will fit the bill as it is so cold outside.


    In the end I did not relax much with Endeavor as my stepson informed me he is applying for another job. He did not realise it as this is with the company where my brother works, so I spent much of the first hour connecting them up. I did relax in the end 🙂 The sun is out this morning 🙂 A lovely day for everyone, I hope.




    Well, it is another Wednesday: the days roll around quickly. I have had my breakfast and cup of coffee. I am working on the computer and so forth. My friend is coming over tonight, which I am looking forward to. I have a medical appointment tomorrow. It is very important I go: or I could be struck off the register. I went to my social club last night: I had a great time! I have another social club tomorrow night. I keep busy.

    Have a nice day!


    Good morning everyone. Being Wednesday – a visit to my mother. It’s a lovely day at the moment. Cold but sunny. I have one or two things to get going, with a birthday card to make and chores to complete. I need to be busy here too!

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