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    Well I started my day with an all massage (well, not all over) but to include hair and feet. Gosh just glorious  feeling everything being pushed back into its proper place. I must be an inch taller if I needed that. Anyway, now I’m totally drained and will have to spend the day idly lounging. Terrible huh?


    Hi everyone, frosty and cold here I had to scrape the ice off of the car for a change. Nearly late for work as could not find my work outfit damn!  I had to sort out my tax code as Inland Revenue said I had earned £100,000 last year, what planet are they on.


    l like Rhonda’s pushing everything back in place, things do tend to move a bit as you get older lol


    I have been doing the cleaning this early afternoon. I have on my second load of laundry. It is a sunny – but cold – day. Still, I am on my computer, just working away. I am playing some music, which I always enjoy. I shall be giving myself a French manicure this evening. My sister is away for the weekend. Although I don’t live with her, I shall still visit my dad. My dad is actually a very funny person and always has me in stitches! I have a close friend coming over this evening. We’ll celebrate her new home. She hasn’t moved in yet, but shall in a few weeks time. I am very happy for her.

    Have a nice weekend!


    Sunny here to and 6c so a bit warmer, had a lovely walk with the dogs but still chilly in that wind. A cup of tea and a naughty cake before I have to start preparing dinner.


    Weekend here at last and rain as usual, doing some baking as I am in the mood after checking messages and looking at the sales online. Have a good day everyone.


    Yes it is raining here too, and cold! I need to tidy the greenhouse before the coming season, but I will choose a sunnier day when the sun warms it. Have a lovely weekend everyone.


    yes cold and rainy here too. Longing for Spring.  Gosh Jen, you really have a greenhouse?? How marvelous! I ‘d love to hear what you grow. I have a little plot on the roof of our building and I raise a few annuals every year, Its enough for the table and bathroom. So tell us,


    I only have a small portable one it has plastic covering it but does the job, hubby puts it in the garage over Winter so it lasts longer. We, sorry I grow tomatoes and peppers in it quite successfully and it will soon be time to sow them on my heated window ledge propagator. I think you would need some sort of cover in New York as it does get really cold there Rhonda.


    I use it only during the growing season, probably plant latter part of March. See what the weather does.


    Well good growing Rhonda.


    It’s Sunday. The days roll around quickly. I have been getting on with my day today. I have put on a load of laundry and am just working on the computer. I have work tomorrow, which I enjoy. I’ve been working at the charity for 10 years now. It is an excellent job. I shall also be doing the cleaning tomorrow morning. I keep busy.

    Have a nice day!


    Hi all, nice and cold again I see, my rest day today so after washing up and changing the bed I actually had a quiet read for a while. I am a great fan of Lee Child his books are fantastic and we all like a good hero don’t we.


    yes cold and rainy here too. Longing for Spring. Gosh Jen, you really have a greenhouse?? How marvelous! I ‘d love to hear what you grow. I have a little plot on the roof of our building and I raise a few annuals every year, Its enough for the table and bathroom. So tell us,

    It’s only a small one, 6 foot x 8 foot, but I got it for growing tomatoes and peppers originally. They grow outside here, but the weather is not ideal for them so results can be a bit variable. I also use it for over-wintering several cacti, as cacti don’t like our wet climate. In the spring I bring them out into the garden. I have a fig tree growing, but will need to cut it back a bit. Over the last couple of years I have another one growing against our garage wall. It seems to be doing well and is producing a few figs (although they don’t ripen well) so have wondered whether to put the one in the greenhouse outside (it is in a large tub). I feel like a change a little this year and try more unusual things that are not readily available, or, expensive at the supermarket. I haven’t decided yet, but I dried last years chilli peppers on trays in our front (bay) window and bottled them. There are plenty so I don’t need to grow chillies at all (and I have just bought a pack of different dried Mexican Chillies as well so have plenty lol). I do also grow mini cucumbers and shall be growing them. We don’t grow many flowers, although I do have some to attract the pollinators and look attractive.


    Lovely and sunny here but the forecast for tomorrow is more rain!

    I’d love to get out into the garden, it’s looking very sad at the moment. Not sure what vegetables I’m going to grow this year. Had great success with tomatoes and chillies last year but the lettuce got eaten before I could harvest it.

Viewing 15 posts - 391 through 405 (of 605 total)

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