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    Hi all been busy today so only just got on the computer, lovely and sunny here but cold again. Jen you could try melons they should do ok and they are lovely to eat, there is a small variety you can get as well. My greenhouse is 6 foot x 4 foot and I can get quite a few tomatoes and peppers in it.


    I have one cabbage still in the greenhouse Lindylo, but there is little to it as the Cabbage Whites sneaked in and the resulting caterpillers decimated it 🙁 . I will be trying Melons. I did try a few years back, but they didn’t come to much. I think that my large tomato and pepper plants seemed to domiate anything else, such that I didn’t notice anything going wrong. I looked out at the greenhouse this morning, thinking that I will have to clean it out soon. Too cold today though lol,


    Hi , you will not catch me in my pink gardening gloves yet, it is freezing, I looked at my patch thinking I must make a start but it needs to warm up more. the small melon variety is called ” granny” something I cannot remember the rest. I think I will wait to the beginning of March to sow my tomatoes, also thinking of growing some cut flowers this year as they do brighten up the house.


    I’ve never done any gardening: not even mowing the lawn. I do look after my house plants, though: I am careful not to water them too often and occasionally change the pots into larger pots.

    Anyhow, my television has stopped working: I need a new one, alas. I am watching YouTube instead of the TV. I love YouTube, though. I am addicted!

    I have done some laundry this morning, had a cup of coffee and have been working on the computer. I keep busy.

    Enjoy your day!


    I don’t mow the lawn hubby does that unless he is away on a golf trip, going to try and grow some flowers to cut this year to brighten up the house a bit.


    We only have a tiny lawn so it’s not too much of an issue, whoever does it. I don’t like having to get the mower out though as the shed is rather crammed.

    It’s bright and sunny here at the moment, but has been very frosty. I am going to visit my mother this afternoon. There is no art group this evening as it is one of the member’s birthday. She is having a meal at a restaurant, and we are going there instead.

    Have a lovely day.


    Hi Jen, work this morning so I have to brave the icy winds and freezing rain to get to the office. why can I never find my work clothes when I am in a hurry lol ?


    Well it turned out to be a dismal day yesterday with lots of driving in the pouring rain – Yuk! It was a lovely party though, in a carvary restaurant (so I had a good portion, and the large slice of birthday cake I was presented with [home made; it was lovely 😋]  😕 🙂). I’ll have to starve today lol.

    Have a nice day everyone.


    Hi girls- miserable rainy here too although its warmed up a bit. Celebrated Valentines day last evening in a little pub down the street. Completely fell off my Lenten resolve to give up alcohol. Oh well, there are 39 days left to reclaim my honor. I have an excuse- there was a young man who seemed rather interested in me. He was quite a bit younger but I so enjoyed his flattery that I lapped it up, Yes, shameless I know.


    Hi Rhonda you seem to have logged in ok now, always nice to get the attention of younger guys lol. Sunny and quite mild here no, I had a lovely walk.


    It was that I couldn’t log on to.


    Yes always flattering when young men notice and compliment you. But then remember we were all drinking so I have no doubt he will forget about me in the morning. Maybe thats best.


    I remember an interview in a magazine with a music star from years ago Rhonda. I don’t remember who it was but he said that he used to write in the evening, and if he still liked what he had written when he saw it the next morning he would use it. Good advice I think. The cold light of day brings many a sobering thought. Live for the moment!


    How true Jen. The cold light of day does shock you back into reality. Then too, you’re sober the next day.


    This morning I have had my cup of coffee and cereal. I have also put on some laundry and am using my computer.

    I went to the theatre yesterday with my sister and her close friend, Sue. We saw “Cinderella”. It was a ballet and was set in the second world war. It followed the theme of Cinderella but did not copy it. It was excellent! We stopped off for a meal beforehand. I ate fish & chips and mushy peas. Definitely good food.

    Today [Saturday] I am just sticking locally with my sister. We’ll wander around town and just see what’s about.

    Have a nice day!


    I had fish and chips yesterday too Kitty. I usually do on Fridays. Without the mushy peas though. I think they are like Marmite – love or hate.

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


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