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    Weather was awful but I did get some lovely flowers and a promised meal,


    Hi ladies, lovely day, sitting here in my jimjams so I had better finish my coffee and take the dogs out. It looks like Summer but still need my thick tights. Have good day everyone.


    me too, just read 3 newspapers and had a pot of coffee, so its time to shake a leg and accomplish something.


    Hi Rhonda, I did not do much today but will be shampooing carpet tomorrow as my dogs have muddied it up again.


    It’s sunny here at the moment. I hope it stays good, as I have my art group tonight, and it’s not fun travelling in the poor weather. Have a lovely day everyone!



    Here in the NE, we are enduring the 3rd winter storm in as many weeks. I’m getting a little cabin fever from boredom. Maybe I should try shampooing the carpets.


    I thought you all had hard floors Rhonda, there are better things to do than shampoo carpets. Although I need a man for that lol.


    As per usual, I am on the computer, listening to that old Dina Carroll album “So Close”. We’re talking early 90’s. Still, I have fond memories of those times. A trip down nostalgia lane!

    Have a nice day.


    Saturday has rolled around again. I am just drinking a cup of coffee and using the computer. I had a busy Friday: I went food shopping and just worked on the computer, as usual.

    Anyhow, have a nice Saturday!


    Hi Kitty, sitting up in bed with a cup of coffee browsing the shops and checking messages. weather going to be bad today so will be doing some baking.


    Enjoy the baking, mikki! If I may ask, what shall you be baking?


    I am going to make a jam sponge and some cheese scones ( these don’t last long !), not good for the figure but I deserve a treat lol.


    Sunday is my day for a bagel, cream cheese and lox, 3 newspapers and a pot of coffee.


    I love jam sponge and scones Mikki, even if the weather isn’t right for afternoon tea lol. It is rather white around here, but hopefully not too bad and stopping me doing the shopping. The car got filthy yesterday in a snowstorm, with salted roads so will need a good clean afterward anyway. Sunday is my day for a glass or two of wine with lunch and then relax on the sofa. After the shopping, then cooking lunch, I need it lol.



    A glass of wine, what a good idea, my baking turned out well so more comfort food this evening.

Viewing 15 posts - 466 through 480 (of 605 total)

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