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    Try a Cinzano with a shot of gin girls.


    I will try vodka & coke!


    I like Rhonda’s drink I will try that.


    its sweet mikki- like you.


    Ah you say the nicest things.


    It’s too early for me at the moment lol. Funny stuff, this white stuff. Crazy over the weekend then, looking out this morning, totally gone! That is the second time in a month that has happened. And the yellow orb is poking his head out through the clouds. There is hope yet! Have a lovely day everyone.


    Hi Jen- where are you? Cold and blowing snow here in NYC.


    In Lincolnshire Uk, Rhonda. We usually get your bad weather after you, as the storms come across the Atlantic, but this time things happened about the same time (or will we get yours in a few days 😄). It’s dry and sunny here at the moment. Have a nice day everyone!


    This morning I have been doing some cleaning. I also sorted the laundry and ironed a few clothing items: no one wants to see me in creased trousers and jeans!

    It is sunny, now spring is here officially. It is a lovely day, actually, which is why I’ve got all the windows open.

    I have my social club tonight, which I am looking forward to. I go every week. It is far more interesting than watching TV! Anyhow, enjoy your day, folks.


    Hi all, I went out for a doggy walk before the rain and housework again ( never changes ! ). Work tomorrow so ironing skirt again if I can find a clean one lol.


    A lovely day yesterday. I was even out in the garden sorting a few chores. I hope to get out for a long walk through the woods today. I love to get out into the countryside. Have a lovely day everyone.


    Hi all raining again so nothing new, doing a manicure and trying some nail hardener to hopefully get my nails longer again. Football on tonight ( yawn ) so I will probably do some more shopping online again. Enjoy your day ladies.


    Sunny and fairly warm here so spring seems to have sprung. Been out for a lovely walk this morning.

    Have a good weekend everyone.


    I have gotten up early and have had my cup of coffee. I have been on Facebook and am browsing the Internet. Oh: I gave myself a manicure last night. I used a gorgeous fuchsia. I do love looking after my nails and have always done so.

    Have a nice weekend!


    Hi Kitty, I am doing the same as you with the coffee and the internet, although in my jimjams before my shower. Don’t mention nails, I am trying a hardener so they will look nice for the Summer as I keep breaking them. Have a good day all.

Viewing 15 posts - 481 through 495 (of 605 total)

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