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    I have been rather lazy today: not much going on at all. Anyhow, I hope you’ve all been having a nice day!


    I have to go inspect  a building we may buy. Hate to go during the week because the trades are there. That usually generates a few catcalls. Some nice, a few not so nice.


    Hi it is freezing here when will Summer come, I had to wear my fleecy jimjams last night.


    Oh dear Mikki, you can keep that weather over your side of the country LOL, although I know it’s coming here.  I have packed my fleecy jimjams away, as well as my winter slippers. Hopefully not too premature. I may go out on my bike later for a short ride now the weather is not quite so hot.


    Well you were lucky with the weather, I do so want to wear my satin nighties again soon ( that should please hubby lol)


    It is Friday today and I have been food shopping, had lunch and watched a film on YouTube. It’s a fairly lazy day for me. Anyhow, have a nice day!


    It is a very good day for me today as I finished my first year of schooling with my last final exam in Biology today. Now it is just weeding planning for the August 25th date with is coming fast. I think since the weather is nice I will take a nice long walk and get a smoothie for my accomplishments today.


    It’s good your exams are over Nadya. I hope you do well.x It’s the weekend – Have a good one ladies!

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    It’s good your exams are over Nadya. I hope you do well.x It’s the weekend – Have a good one ladies!

    Yes it certainly is Jen. Thank You

    In my neck of the woods it is past midnight so that means it is officially Mothers Day. So Happy Mothers Day to not only my Mom but to all the other Moms out there as well.



    It is a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. I have had my coffee and am listening to an old Girls Aloud album. “Sound Of The Underground” is a classic and will never age.

    Have a nice Sunday!


    Afternoon all, just cut the grass and now relaxing with a well earned cup of tea, lovely day but still a bit of a nip in the air. I did see the weather forecast and they are saying a frost is due, can you believe it.


    I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, which I attended. I now have to have a blood test the beginning of June. Nevermind. I had lunch and have been on the computer. It’s late afternoon now and I’ve been watching YouTube: I love that website.

    Enjoy your Wednesday!


    Good luck with the blood test Kitty. I had a regular set of them a few years back. They found minor irregularities and went in a loop trying to correct. Even taking one set and incorrectly labelling them so they had to be re-done. In the end there was nothing to worry about, but I began to wish I never went in the first place.

    The sun is out this morning so I hope it will be warmer than yesterday. Have a lovely day everyone!


    Thank you SpinningJen. I hope they don’t screw up with my blood test! Anyhow, it is early as I got up when the sun came out. I’ve been on YouTube and have just been browsing the Internet.

    Have a nice Friday!


    Have a nice Tuesday!

Viewing 15 posts - 571 through 585 (of 605 total)

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