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    does anyone on this forum either not have a mother, or a good relationship with the one they do have?

    I am struggling a lot with seeing all these comercials for mothers das with cute flower pictures, and hearts, and cuddles, and I’m sat their thinking what mother?. I don’t have one anymore.


    mother’s day sucks for me. I hate it and I was hoping this thread would act as an idea thread to distract me from all the mother’s day stuff


    disclaimer: this isn’t a rant thread. just my thoughts


    For me its fathers day.. My father is no longer with us and all those gift adverts and cards just strike  like little arrows that cause pin prinks of pain and loss.


    But we cannot deny joy to those who still have their father or mother around so all I can say is if you do have a mother or father that you can talk to then do so tell them you love them tell them you care , because one day they wont be here and you dont want to be left with regrets.


    I lost my mother to a fire in early 2014. She was living far away, though, as my parents had divorced when I was 13 years old. I wasn’t especially close to my mum, but we had a good relationship. I do hope she went to heaven and doesn’t regret having me! I was a handful! Being older now I see how similar I am to what my mum was. We even resemble each other! My mum had been a lovely lady.

    My close friend, Vicky, is very close to her mum and always sees her. They have a deep bond. I certainly really like Vicky’s mum. She is – again – a lovely lady.

    I am glad for all those still with their mum in their lives. No one wants to lose their mum.


    I think both mothers day and fathers day are a bit like Christmas. They have somewhat more meaning when you are little and the commercial ‘big sell’ has not really impacted. My father has gone but my mother is still here, although not so well these days. I have decided on a card, not a dedicated mothers day, just a blank one in which I will write a suitable message, and a small box of chocolates.


    sorry to hear about your father, casandra. I never met mine, but from what I’ve heard as soon as I was born he fled the country. I guess we’re in this together


    interesting observation, jen, comparing mother’s day to somethinglike christmas


    depends how you look at it, I suppose.


    thanks for checking in with me rachel.


    not sure if you’re reading this thread but much apreciated!


    Big hugs for all who don’t have their mothers and fathers now. I could be a maternal kind of big sister to you? Love you all!

    We have Mother’s Day in different months around the world, don’t we? Here it’s in May. I enjoy it as a mother and like to have a relaxing day with my boys. If I can spend a little time with my mum or give her some attention, I will. It seems like we’re in a period of not being really close, though – when I call, she’s either too busy, or not really paying attention to me. She’s also a worry-er, so she asks questions that are important to her but not to me!

    My dad and I have never been really close because he was so busy with work and his own interests when I was young. Gotta be hard being the only guy in the household, too, with four daughters. 😉 But I try to give some attention here and there, and listen when he wants to tell stories. He’s not so much into worrying, but sometimes our opinions and views on life diverge, and I try not to let things get awkward when that happens.

    I find that friends can feel more like family than actual relatives, so take the connection and affection where you can get it in healthy ways! Don’t let the world’s commercialisation of holidays make you feel left out!


    My mother is gone: she died in 2014. I still miss her today. But I know she went to heaven.

    May we remember loved ones lost and celebrate the times we had with them.

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