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Movies have gone too far. What is your opinion of nudity

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    I recently watched a movie with my husband. Of course, the movie had female nudity. I am so tired of seeking naked women. I hate it.

    There was one scene where a fully nude women walks out. You see all of her trimmed pubic hair.

    While I hate seeing a women’s breasts, showing her vagina another level.

    Is full frontal nudity appropriate on your home if front of your husband?


    For me – An interesting question!

    As a woman, I am not particulary interested in nudity, either of females or males in general entertainment. I think a modicum of tantilising coverup is far better. That is maybe why most people (particularly myself and probably most other women) find books far more interesting, because our minds see the picture we wish rather than one that is pushed at us. That way, even a featureless totally nude scene described in a book can feel romantic whereas the same in film is just empty, particularly if the acting is less than perfect.

    On the other hand, as an artist, particularly of people, I do paint and draw scantily clad men and women at times. The body is beautiful. It’s maybe just too much when pushed as a purely sexual object without deep feeling.  That said, I do prefer clothed bodies and do really enjoy painting the clothes over the body.


    Well, I have seen a fair amount of nudity in films: and even in a theater. I went to the theater with a friend and the actress walked out boobs and all. It was a good show, but not everyone’s taste. As for film: I have seen graphic scenes in “Hellraiser”, “Cruel Intentions”, “Machete” [NOT a film I will ever watch again]: the list goes on. “Black Swan” also has a sex scene but you don’t actually see the woman’s privates. These films are good but not if you’re with family. That’s why when I watch films with my sister we stick to children’s films and films just generally more light hearted. The body is beautiful but these sex scenes can be very graphic, which not all people want to watch.


    Nudety is natural. It depends on how it is used. Some commercials are very marginal.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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