Music: Give or Take?

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    Do you love music? Or can you give or take music?

    Now, I LOVE music, but a lot of people don’t really care about listening to songs and all that gubbins. In fact, many people find music boring and don’t listen to it a lot. Personally speaking, though, I do love music. I am always playing CDs and watching YouTube. I am completely, totally, passionately in love with music. I would also LOVE to compose it. It won’t happen, but I feel that way about music.

    What is your level of interest in music? Not just listening to it, but also a fantasy of composing it, maybe?


    I have a soundtrack running in my head all the time, Music is in my soul. It brings so many memories and feelings with it too.


    I enjoy singing but only to myself , lord knows I wouldnt subject anyone else to this voice.

    I enjoy music acros many genres from classical and opera to motown, glam rock, new romatic, rock and roll, soul, reggae  and lots more..



    I my taste in music varies.  I enjoy all genres except rap.  I always have the radio on in the car.  I rarely listen to music at home.  My hubby, on the other hand, enjoys just classical music.

    For the longest time, I wasn’t into listening to the pop stations because of the annoying advertisements and the popularity of rap music…not to mention the idiotic morning shows.  Now, I have Sirius XM, and I’m tuned into the pop station.



    I usually have the radio on while I am busy. I used to be far more into it than now but it’s still in my soul. I do hum or sing along to myself in the supermarket, which perhaps amuses some people. I don’t listen that much to pop music, but do like a variation. I like to play my 78’s and LP’s when I get time, which seems to be seldom.


    I can’t stand listening to the radio, because I both don’t like commercials and I also don’t like my music jumping all over the place.  I still buy CDs and I like to listen to a single album for a while, then I switch to another one.

    I’m looking into signing up for singing lessons, for classical/opera 🙂


    I prefer CDs to the radio, too, Mamie. I do like the radio, but I can’t listen to it for long periods of time. I much prefer the old fashioned CD.


    I much prefer the old fashioned CD.

    Old fashioned? You make me feel ancient 😀



    I am probably old fashioned too but love THE MOODY BLUES, SIMON AND GARFUNKEL and FLEETWOOD MAC, the music of my youth. It is lovely when you are on your own listening to a good song and remembering the good times , I can just drift away to those romantic Summer afternoons with the boyfriend at the time.

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    I particularly like Mariah Carey: her music and performances are amazing. I’d say she has one of the best voices out there.

    I am listening to her “Music Box” album ATM. I am not surprised she is so popular.


    I am addicted to U2, ATM. Their Joshua Tree 1987 documentaries are awesome.

    Check them out on YouTube!


    I have recently discovered LOREENA McKENNIT and what a fantastic voice, she did a Gaelic ballad in HIGHLANDER 3 when McCloud is revealed as being immortal to the lady weapons expert. I do get goosebumps when watching that romantic moment.

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    A great film.


    Mikki, I love Loreena McKennit!  I became a fan of hers in the late nineties when she released “The Mummers’ Dance” single, which had both the original from the “Book of Secrets” album and the remix.  The remix was popular, as it had a bit of a dance beat to it.  On that CD single was also “The Mystic’s Dream” from “The Mask and Mirror.”  “The Highwayman” from “Book of Secrets” is another one of my favorite songs of hers.

    Her music has a lot of different cultural elements, probably from all her travels.

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    I am listening to Ms Dynamite’s “A Little Deeper”. A great album. I have listened to it thousands of times now. I can never get bored!


    I’ve had this earworm for several months – “Dance Monkey” from Tones and I.  It just makes me wanna dance.  🙂

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