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    I wanted to share my 200th post with everyone and in some ways say a little about this place too.

    Message boards can be a daunting place, you dont know anyone, you wonder sometimes when you have posted something personal how it will be recieved, indeed you wonder sometimes why you posted it in the first place, i know i have on some occassions.

    Over and over again, we are told not to post personal details, which of course is absolutely sensible advice and really should be adhered too.

    As far as personal stories? I was a slow starter on here, but as I have grown with this community I have found that sometimes, just sometimes sharing your story helps, it helps make sense of it in a funny sort of way. and another point is , I dont know about anyone else but there have been occassions when I have wondered if im a little odd lol with some of the stuff, its only when you share it with others that you find your ‘normal’ lol or as normal as I can be anyway.

    Of course message boards and forums isnt always about sharing stories, its about having a little fun, letting your imagination take over, asking the questions like what era for fashion is your favourite, what do you do about kids when…….. how much pocket money, growing old gracefully, what are your interests, some may have quirky interests and may come on and find someone else with the same hobby , at last!! someone maybe to share it with.

    message board forums are a funny thing really, its sort of faceless people to talk to , almost a ‘family’ community such as this forum, and, just maybe,if your’e lucky, you just may find some freinds too. I have been lucky enough to make some really good friends during the time i have been using interactive social networking sites, no not mr right or my knight in shining armour, but freindships that will stand the test of time, some i may never actually meet in real life. but all in all a pretty good medium of communication.

    All in all , everything takes time, I was talking to a person in a chat room yesterday, whose confidence was at an all time low, and I suggested meassage boards first as an introduction to the whole social networking site, but , for you who may be soomeone new, using and exploring, this is a really good site to start with (if your’e female of course) , stay for a while , take a look around, gain your confidence, we were all new once, and then reap the benefits of having some of the warmest most caring women I have come across……… now before anyone says owt, no im not on the payroll, im just a soppy sod who happens to wear me heart on me sleeve lol xxx


    Wow – that was some 200th post

    I echo all your sentiments and look forward to reading your next 200 🙂

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