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My 3 Email Accounts

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    … Have been sorted! I went through all 3 of them. I have deleted emails I no longer need. I have renamed folders and year numbers. It took me a good hour, but was so, so worth it. There are now only emails I need and I can be assured that my emails are sorted and organized without struggling to find them. I access my email accounts daily, so do need to be extra organized.

    I’d advise you do the same! It takes searching for ages for that important email to be read in super quick time instead. It definitely means you can access all the information you need swiftly and quickly. I do work for myself, do this is part of the reason I am so organised. Even if you don’t work for yourself, it makes you feel better and more in control to sort your emails.

    Get to it! You will be glad you did.


    I have further organized my email accounts. I am meticulous. There are folders, subfolders… you name it.

    Give your own email account a spring-clean this coming January! You will be glad you did.


    I try to keep up to date with them. It does not always work but most of the spam is soon sorted.


    I do rather enjoy sorting and organizing files on my computer. In fact, doing so means I know where everything is and don’t get in a muddle. Also it is therapeutic to give your whole computer a sort out. Perhaps you could do so in the New Year? A good spring-clean is as good as anything.


    I enjoy sorting and organising the files too Kitty. It can get tedious after a while though.


    I would love to get on top of things better than I already have. I think more folders would help me…


    Hello rebeccajpand! If you need more folders in your email account, then do so! Just create folders and name them. Then put relevant emails in each labelled folder. It’s dead easy. It will take 20 minutes or more BUT it so, so worth it.




    I only have 1, and that’s gmail. I have in the past used hotmail but too much spam


    oh: and I’ve briefly used protonmail


    I love ProtonMail! My guys have their own free accounts, and I have another free one set up for sending information to their dad. Then I have a paid account for myself, and I forward other email addresses to that one (like Gmail, my old school email, and my Internet provider).


    I have a few freemail accounts from various services, so that I can keep track of those sites who sell my information to spammers.  Once I confirm that a site does this, I send them a nastygram and block its domain.


    It’s not so much emails, although I have to remember to log into some of the more obscure accounts once in a while so they don’t ‘time out’. I have collected a few accounts over the years from work etc. At work we used to use home accounts for test purposes rather than clutter the official ones. It’s more the information I download that I have to keep check on. I am like a Magpie and whenever I thing of a new subject or hobby I tend to download lots of books on it to read up. Invariable I only glance at most but the accumulation of information is almost a hobby in itself.


    Jen, we have good sources of free print books here, so I’m a book magpie. Titles catch my eye on interesting subjects, and then I have more than I can shelve. Gotta keep up on that, and at least skim some of them to leave room for favourites and new series on the shelves…

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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