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    Apart from the finishing touches I have completed another portrait. It is taken from a very old photograph of an unknown girl. This one has taken me quite some time as I have put it aside from time to time. I enjoyed painting it though and am pleased with the result. Do any of our recent new members enjoy art and have things to show here?


    Very nice, Jen!  I’ve nothing to post; I’m artistically challenged.


    Thank you. So was I until I took lessons. I was very nervous in class for a long time as I thought my drawings were bad. They still are not brilliant at times, but I enjoy it.


    Your work’s amazing Jen! 🙂 Like Crystal I don’t have any artistic talent whatsoever, I’m glad you really enjoy your skill.


    I understand that perspective, Jen.  Waaaaaaaay back when I took ballroom dancing lessons, I was no Ginger Rogers, but I did have fun.  🙂


    I love your artwork, SpinningJen. It must be wonderful to be able to draw and paint. You’re very lucky to be artistic. Great work.


    Thank you everyone.It has been a bit of a climb. Whether good or bad, I find it it takes lots of practice and opening your eyes to really see things rather than glance and assume.


    Any more work you could publish on here, SpinningJen?


    I have several things I am working on, but they are in oils so are taking longer as they need to dry between sessions. The chances are I may have several at once, but I will think about recent things. At the moment I am also doing a Christmas card for our ‘Secret Santa’ in our art group as well. I will get some photos of the card before I give it.


    I’ve done art myself in the past. Oils are a wonderful medium. I have tried watercolour, but consider that rather difficult in terms of my skill. I do believe watercolour takes talent and methodical ability. I am, however, good with charcoal and coloured penciling. To be honest, I just stick to writing these days.

    I look forward to seeing your artwork!


    I used to play guitar, but I changed to painting as it is easier to look back on, and better accepted (I preferred electric guitar and rather heavy rhythm). Although I used to write a little poetry, it is not something I did much. Do you have any samples of your writing that you could share Kitty?


    Funnily enough, SpinningJen, I have just had a poetry book published with It is called “Girl About Town Eating A Bag Of Crisps”. It is pretty good. I know spam isn’t allowed, but hopefully that won’t be labelled spam!

    Online is where all my poems are.


    Thank you  Kitty. I have found them.  I love your work! As you say – you do keep busy. I read ‘A Tin of Biscuits’ this morning. It reminded me well of Christmas present and past. I found your books too. The unusual title made finding things easy.


    I’m glad you found a poem you enjoyed reading! Some poems are better than others, but they’re mostly decent, interesting reading. I am rather quirky when it comes to poem titles and content.

    Anyhow, I am glad you liked ” A Tin Of Biscuits”!

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 119 total)
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