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    I have added another poem: it is called “Albert Einstein” and – of course – is a biography of the man in poem form. I rather like it! I hope you do, too.


    I noticed it yesterday when I wanted another look at ‘A Tin of Biscuits’ (it’s interesting how the poems shuffle themselves about). I read it this morning. An interesting read, especially as I am reading the Bill Bryson book ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ at the moment, in which he is mentioned. I am looking forward to reading more! Thank you.



    I am glad you’re enjoying my work. The poems were first put on the website in 2009: I do think experience has increased my writing skills. I love the poetry artform: it’s like composing music. It is about structure and telling a story. Instead of just rhyming words, I tell a story. Whether it is about passion, history, fairytales, love, politics, etc. I have a wide variety of subjects. The earlier poems are more basic and I have written second versions of some of the poems. But it is all a bit of fun!


    I remember that I got into poetry for a while at school. It was a bit of a get-out at the time as I found the teacher was impressed with my work, and I did find it easier (for me) to write a story in short verses than a multi-sided essay. I have not written anything since, and now do not even think about it much. I tend to be too busy with other things. Somewhere I have my schoolwork, but I think it is stashed in the loft with things like old school reports etc. Similarly I have one or two songs I have written. If I can remember, and find any I will post.


    Funnily enough, SpinningJen, I played the guitar as a young teenager. I did quite well. I even composed a few musical scores and recorded them onto a tape. Sadly, I lost that tape years ago. I still love music, but don’t compose it or play an instrument.

    I think many teenagers do experiment with things like this. Although, I was never destined to be a professional guitar player, when I look back. But I learnt a lot and don’t regret my guitar lessons. Music is certainly wonderful and I will always love playing songs, whether on YouTube or on a CD, etc.


    I have just written a really good post and it’s lost. I am rather annoyed about that.

    Anyhow, it was always in my blood to write books. As a little girl I loved reading books and writing. Even today I read many, many books. I mostly borrow them from the library . I have also dabbled in art classes. I was rather good, but have not painted for a few years now. But I love your work: and you’ve got a high standard. If I may ask, what inspired you to take up drawing & painting? We are both artists at heart. You can visualize anything with your paintings and that is a true gift.

    I’d be interested in reading your reply! I think you’ve got a gift. Do you think you’ll continue with art until you’re old and grey? I will be writing until I am in that rocking chair.

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    Hi Kitty. It’s interesting when I visit my mum as she regularly says that she does not know where I got it from as neither dad or her were artistic. I don’t think it’s quite true though as she did lots of cross stitch before her stroke. When I was little I did lots of drawings but nothing very good. I did do two ‘paint by numbers’ which I still have. I was really into everything and am also very much into science and technical things (hence my work has been in computers and setting up electronic devices for health).

    When I was in my teens I started playing guitar and did write one or two things at the time. I do still have a couple of guitars, but have not touched them for years. It’s not that I am no longer into music, just that my family were not really supportive. I decided to start painting as I would have a better record I could look back on. I love painting! Thank you for your nice comments.

    Sometimes I look around when I am depressed and just hope that I can keep going. I would not be happy being as my mum, not able to cope with difficult tasks. We (family and carers) have tried to interest her in things like colouring books, which she has done for a while and then put down. She does still read though sometimes, which is good.

    I hope you are writing while you are in your rocking chair. It keeps the little grey cells stimulated. Yes I will keep going. It’s good to get away from facts and figures and just paint.

    With your artistic skills you could illustrate your poems and books? It may really bring things to life (I just remember books lie ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which had lovely little drawings of the characters).

    This yesr my ‘Secret Santa’ card was for someone in our art group who likes trains. This is what I produced for him.



    I just seem to lack the ‘spark’ to paint. When I concentrate I can be very good with drawing & painting. I suppose that’s the way it is. Still, I am glad to have my writing.


    It sometimes does take a push, as it takes a bit of setting up (I would love a studio). I find if I start I soon get into it.


    That is very true, SpinningJen.


    Could you showcase some more of your artwork, SpinningJen? I’d really like that, as I am sure so will other people.

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    Yes, I’ll get some together after Christmas



    I look forward to it.


    I’d love to see more of your artwork soon, SpinningJen!


    Thanks for the reminder Kitty lol. I have got a few pages here from my sketchbook:

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