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    And some more: [attachment file=198895]
    [attachment file=198896]
    [attachment file=198897]
    [attachment file=198898]


    And the final two: [attachment file=198902]
    [attachment file=198903]


    Beautiful work Jen! 🙂


    Thank you Mamie x



    Your work is amazing, SpinningJen. Thank you for sharing your artwork.


    Thank you Kitty x



    Those are some really nice sketches, Jen!


    Thank you x



    Any more of your works of art we could see, SpinningJen?

    Thank you!


    I have done a little more. At the moment I am not totally with it due to a nasty cold, but will post some more when I get chance.



    Here are another couple of pages of sketches. Just at the moment they are the only things I am regularly doing.[attachment file=199898]
    [attachment file=199899]


    Wow Jen, you’re so talented!  I love your latest drawings … they look to me like hieroglyphics?  Or at least I feel a very sort of Egyptian or Sumerian vibe from them.


    Thank you Mamie. You have the wrong continent there. I got these designs from a  book I picked up from a secondhand bookshop on holiday one year – ‘Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico’ written by Jorge Enciso. They are mainly from stamps which were used for decorating pottery or fabric. I have used them to practice shapes, but also have an idea of using some for embroidery patterns. I love these ancient patterns and also like other culture’s work too.


    SpinningJen, you are really talented. I love your drawings. I will look forward to more of your work.


    Thank you x

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 119 total)
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