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    Hey Jen, I have a question. How long have you been drawing for? Do you do commission work?


    I have been drawing since 2007 I think. Or at least painting. I prefer painting, usually with acrylics, but when I started I found that I really needed to draw to be able to be reasonably accurate with the initial undersketch. I started lessons in drawing at nightschool soon after I started, and now although the lessons have ended (government cutbacks – they were subsidised) half of us in the class including the tutor  went on to form a drawing group. We are now fairly advanced and vary things so I tend to call it an art group even though it is still principally drawing. I have not really done any commission work although, as a group, we have individually produced works for a drawing exhibition at a local nature reserve. I also gave my son and his wife a portrait of them together as a wedding gift (it is shown earlier on this thread). I have many hobbies so don’t get to things as much as I could but do enjoy it.

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Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)

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