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    Hey Jen, I have a question. How long have you been drawing for? Do you do commission work?


    I have been drawing since 2007 I think. Or at least painting. I prefer painting, usually with acrylics, but when I started I found that I really needed to draw to be able to be reasonably accurate with the initial undersketch. I started lessons in drawing at nightschool soon after I started, and now although the lessons have ended (government cutbacks – they were subsidised) half of us in the class including the tutor¬† went on to form a drawing group. We are now fairly advanced and vary things so I tend to call it an art group even though it is still principally drawing. I have not really done any commission work although, as a group, we have individually produced works for a drawing exhibition at a local nature reserve. I also gave my son and his wife a portrait of them together as a wedding gift (it is shown earlier on this thread). I have many hobbies so don’t get to things as much as I could but do enjoy it.


    Art is wonderful. Although I write rather than paint.

    Your drawing class sounds wonderful. I am glad for you. Because you are talented and just enjoying art is the valuable thing. An old friend of mine is also a painter. His name is Michael and I love his artwork. I even wrote a poem about him: “A Passion For Painting”. I’m artistic myself and see the value in everyone’s efforts. Although yours is top quality.

    Carry on painting ’cause you’ve got it.


    I am not sure whether you saw my last set of sketches Kitty as they are a page back now. I put them on after your last request. Your artist friend sounds interesting in your poem. I like to hear about others. Your poetry has the feel of reality of life. I enjoy reading it!


    I’m glad you’re enjoying my poems, SpinningJen! The newer ones are – generally – better than the older poems. Anyhow, I write because I enjoy being creative and using my imagination. I don’t think myself a joke, but I don’t tend to write in the standard of W.B Yeats. Of course, I try hard and just hope people get enjoyment – like yourself – from my poems. I do feel I have messages to say; like body image, drugs, false religion, war, bullying even. My favourite genre is horror, which is why I’ve gone with that subject in a lot of poems. I do also hope the happy poems are light hearted and just fun. It doesn’t all have to be serious!

    That’s my penny’s worth!


    I am really impressed with the artwork that I have viewed on this thread. Some of the ones that have popped out to me is The Girl and the Dog, and how you draw your birds.


    Thank you Mollypops x



    [quote quote=200609]Thank you Mollypops x

    No problem whatsoever. I look forward to viewing more of your work in the future.


    Drawing and painting is a specialized skill, SpinningJen, that many people don’t have. A lot of people think anyone can draw & paint, but I don’t think that’s true. Now, you can, but some people out there couldn’t do your work. I do think you’ve got a lot to be proud of and should consider showcasing your work: online and IRL.

    It is something to consider, SpinningJen.


    Thank you Kitty. I have thought about it, but don’t do a great deal so things may appear stagnent at some times. I have other hobbies such as sewing which also take my time up, and in the winter I find things in the house a little cool for artwork in several ways.

    I am not sure I agree with you on people painting and drawing. Many people said I couldn’t and are now surprised. It was not something I was good at at school, being far better at sciences. It is something I liked doing though so persevered. I took lessons, which was useful. It takes time and everyone has different styles. I think anyone with determination and the right attitude to find their niche can learn to produce artwork people will be interested in. It just takes time and dedication.


    I suppose when it comes to drawing and painting, everyone has their own style: a painting or drawing doesn’t have to be done in a professional way. It can be expressive and an emotional outlet. It definitely isn’t a competition for someone to do artwork: it can be done for fun.

    But your artwork, SpinningJen, is professional. I think your work is taken seriously, rather than out of an emotional outlet [although it can be both]. I have dabbled in art – and do have some skills – but I wouldn’t get to your level. But you are right about everyone being able to draw and paint [to a certain degree].


    I’d love to see more of your artwork, SpinningJen. Any new works?


    I’ve recently started to draw, I’ve bought a tablet and because I love watching anime, I decided to try and start to learn drawing manga style. I tell you, its hard, very hard, and I quite frankly feel like I’m at a loss, as in, learning to draw by myself. I’m ofc using youtube tutorials but seeing progress takes lots of time, and right now im trying to learn to draw the anatomy of the human body…

    The best youtube tutorials I found that helped me the most is mikey’s:

    and Marc Brunet also seems very proffesional, he’s an ex digital artist that worked for several years in Blizzard, and he quit and opened his own company that helps people to learn to draw, main problem is that his most helpful tutorials (art classes, more specifically) cost money, and I’m not so sure if I should waste money on it….

    this is his channel:





    It’s always useful to meet like minded people where you are as you can help each other Schala. I was a little slow until I started taking drawing lessons at night school. They have now finished (government cuts) but our group was formed from there. I love online help and in the early days used it often. I don’t think it totally replaces direct contact but I am not particularly into digital art. I have nothing against it but my work was very technical so I like to get away with art in a more traditional way. I did do some manga a few years ago. I will see if I can find any as Kitty was asking to see more work.

    I would recommend keeping going with things. Get to know people and research all over the place for ideas and techniques. Don’t be afraid to ask for criticism. Use a sketchbook and do sketches of things. It will help you a lot. Keep going – you will find it more rewarding as time goes on.

    Good luck!


    Yes, but I’m personally an autodidact, I prefer learning by myself and in my own pace…I’m not trying to find friends , I just want to improve so I can start to draw all the things I want to draw

    I thought about one day opening a Deviantart account, but Its still too early for me. Criticism is helpful I guess, tho I don’t think I like criticism very much, I mean I am a perfectionist and very hard on myself as it is, I don’t think other people can top me on that.

    If ill advertise my art it’ll be only when ill feel i’m good enough to show my art to other people…

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