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    To go off on a tangent, SpinningJen: I was so unhappy that the government made all those cuts to night school. I LOVED night school and attended around seven classes over a few years. I really miss night school. It was so unfair that the government wouldn’t subsidize adult education anymore. It was a real shame and a lifeline for difficult school years. Because – say someone worked in a shop – they could attend business studies at night school, gain that qualification and move up in their job. Now, they can’t do that. That lifeline is gone: you either do well at school or you’re screwed [to excuse my French]. I got lucky, but others won’t be.

    Again, a tangent, but a valid post.


    If ill advertise my art it’ll be only when ill feel i’m good enough to show my art to other people…

    Although I understand your way of thinking here it might be that you never feel you are good enough.  It is part of growing to face the world. I find the criticism helpful, although it still hurts a bit. We had a art group meeting last night and I showed around a photograph with progress on a painting I am working on. The main subject is a horse and one person said it’s neck looked more like a giraffe. That was true and I explained why but it was good to get the feedback so I could adress the issue early as it is often harder to change things at a later stage. I don’t have a Deviant art account although I have seen some things from there. Try testing the water a bit. Start simple. You’ll find you are not alone and even if not making close friends you will begin to share ideas and make faster progress.

    Here is the horse painting so you can see the problem. It’s nowhere near finished as yet but getting there (an oil painting on canvas).


    @kitkatkitty I was disappointed when they stopped classes too. What does not appear to be understood by them is that there is more to such things than just the learning. From the makeup of our class alone it showed that with a variation of different people attending. I remember too, one time I was sent from work too for a specific technical short course. I see our local college still does some evening courses but the school I went to has stopped.

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    It is so, so sad. Still, I feel lucky to have made the most of the time with my night classes.

    Happy memories.


    I am getting a bit lapse with my posting here but although I have several works on the go I have finished little recently as most are oils. I do have one painting that is about completed though (Acrylic). I shall have to photograph a few sketches.


    Nice!  The pig is especially cute.

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    Thank you. It was a bit of an unusual subject for me but I enjoyed painting.



    I like your painting, SpinningJen: I actually collect pig ornaments and keep them on my bedroom sidetable.

    I love it!

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    Thank you Kitty. We have a few pig ornaments and fridge magnets too. My horse painting will soon be finished now (I hope), but I am finding oil painting a bit more tedious than acrylic.


    A further addition which I have just about completed. It is an oil painting – small, around 6 x 4 on board and taken from an old photograph. I am now just looking at it from time to time thinking if anything further is needed before I varnish next year.


    Wow. That’s amazing, SpinningJen. You must be very proud.

    I love it!

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    Thank you Kitty. Yes I am



    Very nice, Jen!

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    Thank you. I am glad you like it x


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