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    I’m having a hard time dealing with my insecurities. My fiancé has instagram and I know he looks and follows women on there that are models and pornographic models. I try to not get jealous and hurt. I have talked to him and asked him to stop but he doesn’t. Now I feel like I’m not good enough or he’s not attracted to me. I try to seduce him and he turns me down saying he’s in to much pain. I don’t want to be touched by him because of how I feel or put in any more effort in putting on make up or a sexy outfit because I feel it’ll all be worthless. He touches me and I have a hard time with it because I feel betrayed but I don’t want to tell him because we’v Already talked about it


    There are other threads on the forum mentioning this subject so perhaps look there, but from what you write I feel there may be  deeper issues with your relationship. Perhaps you need to sit down and list your worries to yourself. Is your inner insecurity more than just about women on instagram? It sounds like you are moving apart. A relationship needs to be based on trust and understanding, which at present does not seem to be there. It is hard not to get emotional, but you need to understand each other, without coming to a standoff.

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    Thank you. Can you maybe link those for me? I can’t seem to find them. I don’t have  anyone I can talk to about it because they don’t know how it feels because their significant other isn’t doing it


    He’s the one in the wrong here and you’re the one in the right. If there were problems in the relationship making him do it then he should raise that.


    Look in the ‘Love & Relationships’ list from the main Forum page.

    The main one I was thinking of is:

    But there are others that are relevant – for example:





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    I’d certainly read the links SpinningJen has posted. There is loads of advice on there.

    I do think you’ve got every right to your feelings: if your boyfriend were openly looking at women on Instagram then that is extremely disrespectful. It isn’t a crime for a man to look at models, and women in general, but rubbing it on their partner’s face is just not on. I’d have serious words.

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