my friend joanne

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    is going through a really tough time at the moment

    her husband just divorced her, she’s just come out the hospital for mental health reasons, on monday she lost her unborn baby, and she’s currently struggling to find somewhere to live (currently in a hostall)


    if you pray, could you pray for joanne?


    or if that’s not your thing, keep her in your thoughts?. she’s a nice person in a situation that’s.. well. horrible. and so close to christmas as well- I know she was looking forward to having the child


    I am sad for your friend, Joanne. Having been divorced, losing her unborn child, having mental health issues and struggling to find somewhere to live sounds like impossible odds to overcome. But people have survived such odds: and Joanne can, too.

    Writing of somewhere to live: I knew someone who went from a few flats, yet never became homeless. And in spite of having a disability. She has also been treated for mental health issues. Admittedly, she has never been married and hasn’t become pregnant at this stage of her life, but she is incredibly strong and resiliant. Your friend is not alone with her struggles. So many people are coping with relationship breakdowns and homelessness.

    I will pray for Joanne: she is not alone.

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    I dont pray but I will jin in sending loving suppotive thoughts and best wishes to Joanne.

    I hope that she is able to find the help she needs to get her through this terrible time in her life,

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    Thinking about her x Just be there for her if you can. A friendly face and chat will support her far more than prayer.

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    thanks all!. I will be sure to update this thread on what’s going on with her


    so I said I’d keep up with this thread and post news, so here’s my first update

    she is still in the hostall and she is still feeling quite defeated


    when I emailed her over the weekend she seemed to think that she’d be in their for quite a while, and she wasn’t sure if they were going to do anything for christmas and said that she didn’t really mind, because she’s not been socialising with any of the other residents- just staying in her room. I was a little disturbed when she informed me that she is sleeping in a bloodsoaked bed, and when she asked the staff to change her sheets they refused


    I hope she gets on Ok Emily. The blood soaked bed does not sound very good 🙁


    I hope Joanne gets better. I know that is awfully weak. But she is lucky to have you as a friend. Because friends will be friends.


    Wow!  Changing sheets is the most basic service.  Are things that busy over there?


    Prayers of peace, comfort, and determination for Joanne!

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