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    We got married two years ago. And I really love him. I am a student + I work full tome from 8 am – 5 pm. My husband works nights from 11:30 pm till 11:30 am. I know its crazy schedule but we don’t see each other. Last week we spent together around 2 or max 3 hour and this is per week! We both have days off and we could see each other but my husband is saying that, “I work so hard, I need time with my friends, I wanna hang out with them..” He adds that we are on the phone all the time during the day and this is enough. There are only guys so I can’t join them plus I don’t like his friends. But also doesn’t want to go out together! He doesn’t have money! I spend all my money for college plus half the bill even though I would offer to pay for our dinner he doesn’t let me to do so. So I am staying home by myself. Sometimes I go out with my gf. I am getting tired and stressed I wanna to come home and hug someone and there is nobody there who is waiting for me. We see each other for sex and launch one time a week.  I don’t have family here and don’t really have too many friends.. I each by myself, fall asleep by myself and its feeling wrong cause I miss him so much! He is saying I love fighting and I talk too much abt it! He wants babies, he is so annoying with that! But we are not ready for kids. He doesn’t have time for me, he says he doesn’t have money. I am only one who is buying groceries and cleaning because he is saying, “I don’t even stay home so I am not gonna buy food or clean. All mess is yours and I eat out.”

    I feel I am guilty for my paranoid. I love him and don’t wanna leave him but what can I do to change it. Please tell me how would you treat  your partner if he or she does the same?


    I’d walk if my partner treated me that way. He clearly is placing everything else in life ahead of you. How nice that he finds time for sex once a week. And babies- GOD that is the last thing you want to do. This man does not have time for you and he does not want to make time. The writing is on the wall. Get out NOW and go make a life for yourself. And you deserve great admiration for staying in college- that will ultimately provide you with the best options in life. Keep it up- but go solo.

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    I walked out on my ex after 14+ years for essentially the same thing.  I agree with Rhonda…babies are the last thing you want to do.  If he doesn’t have the money to pay for a nice dinner (he seems to have enough to go out with his buddies), how in the world is he going to support a child?  Will it end up being “your mess” as well?

    It took too long for me to come to the realization that I’d rather be alone and lonely, than lonely in a relationship.  Get out now, before you waste your youth on him.  Concentrate on your studies…you’ll be so much better off in the end.

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    I agree, babies are really not a good idea. You would likely be the little woman at home rearing the large family while he is out having fun for your whole life.

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    I have to third that opinion. Babies are a very bad idea: he doesn’t even have time for you. I’d advise you to end the relationship and find someone who actually cares about you. Self respect is more important than staying in a dead end relationship. I’d ditch him.


    He is just a very immature guy, he may grow up in time  but you might not be around then. Find someone better, you deserve it.

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