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    I cut my nails last night. I then cleaned them with soap & a nail brush and gave myself a French manicure.

    I love looking after my nails and have done so all my life. I defintitely prefer short nails, though: I’ve tried having long nails but found them annoying and uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong: they look great on other women, but they’re not for me. So I stick to short nails. I always clean them with soap and a nail brush: I always do this after preparing onions, too. Who wants raw onion under their nails? Yuck.

    Your nail preference: short or long? Colour or French manicure?


    Fairly short and clean clean .. no polish we were forbidden polish when I worked with food and I just never bothered with it again.. as for false nails…. yuk hate them..


    I have always tended toward long nails. It used to be a problem when I played the guitar as, for the fretboard fingering, short nails are a must. My problem is that with my practical life I tend to split them so they seldom get that long. Perhaps those on my little fingers at times may approach half an inch as they get less stress but I do match them down to the rest. I have used nail strengthener covered by matt nail varnish at work when, strictly according to dress code, I should not have been wearing any but my job never included the invasive clinical contact which people like nurses have, at least at the time I was using it. I keep forgetting to wear gloves in the garden but do pay the price with the time it takes to clean my nails after. I like clean nails. I don’t like false anything really, nails or eylashes although do use mascara at times.


    I had my nails done only twice in my lifetime, once for a semi formal event (red with a little bling on the pinky nails) and once for Halloween (black).  Aside from trimming/filing, manicures are a waste of money for me.  I do get pedicures, because it takes me five times as long to do it myself.


    I would love to wear my nails longer, but they break too easily. Strengthener doesn’t help. I heard Biotin helps, but I don’t know about dosage. I work and garden, nails take a beating during the week. Getting them clean and polished for the weekend is worth the effort. I use cuticle oil to keep that area healthy. I love the deep red polish hues, and matching lipstick. Tried using glue on nails for the length, but they seem to pop off when least expected. Like when in the bathroom, pulling up my panties, LOL!


    I get my nails done at a nail salon. I get acrylic overlay over my real nails to make them hard so they won’t break. My nails are naturally brittle. I get all kinds of nail art and colors done. However, I can’t have my nails really long as I am in the Information Technology field, sometimes programming, and I tap on a laptop all day long. Very long nails would get in the way.


    My sister has her nails done like that, too: she is always switching colours. Nails are my passion: I always give myself manicures. I don’t have them done at a salon, though: I do them myself. But I do think salon nails last longer than shop bought polishes.

    Nails are vanity and a wonderful way to treat yourself. Oh: I also keep my nails short. Too long nails bother me: I just cannot get along with them. They have to be short ATT. But they are still painted.

    I am glad I started this thread: it’s interesting to find out how you all keep your nails.


    Getting my nails done( diy or salon) forms part of showing myself a bit of love. It makes me feel put together – my hair and nails need to be on point all the time. Long with a bright colour is a must for me but with some of my engineering pracs/workshops i sadly have to keep them short at times.


    Ladies I posted some photos of nail art I had done in the past few months. The musical note nail art was done for a birthday party I was to play in. I play the violin, but my nail artist drew a keyboard and a musical note or two on my nails. Everyone loved them.

    Just click on the links below. The names on the links tell you what kind of nail art it is, and anyway you can tell by the art itself.


    My Halloween Themed Nail Art

    Navy Blue with Silver Glitter Nail Art

    My Love of Cats Theme Nail Art

    Black Nail Different Colors Nail Art

    Red Nail Art

    Pink with Glitter Nail Art

    Musical Notes Nail Art

    American Thanksgiving Theme Nail Art


    I love that type of nail art. Thank you 🙂


    Those nails are fabulous, PaganTechGirl! I gave myself a French manicure last night. I am always cutting and filing my nails, because I hate them being long. I also often clean my nails with soap & a nail brush. This is due to the fact I often prepare food and don’t want disgusting food debris beneath my nails: yuck.

    Anyhow, those nail designs are gorgeous. I LOVE nail art.


    As promised have responded back to your private message from Friday KitKatKitty, sorry for late response!


    Nice, TechGirl!


    I always prefer clean, short, neat nails to long, painted nails. HOWEVER, I love nail art on other women. Nails are gorgeous. In fact, I sat next to a woman on the bus yesterday who had the most fabulous long, silver glittery nails.

    On the other end of the spectrum, my best friend’s mum has awful nails: they’re jagged, uneven and dirty. My friend’s mum’s nails look awful.

    I do think nails show the world what you think of yourself. Ungroomed looks look – well – ungroomed. I hope to have beautiful nails in my old age.


    As promised have responded back to your private message from other day KitKatKitty!

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