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    I gave myself a manicure the other evening. They are an Isa Dora – only found in Sweden – nail polish and is a gorgeous glitter purple.

    What colour are YOUR nails today?


    Hiya, I like medium length nails with a french manicure as I can just about get away with that without breaking them. I have since found a nail strengthener that helps as well. Painted nails are great for special occasions though.

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    I removed my nail polish last night and gave myself a French manicure instead. They look stunning.

    I often use a nail strengthener myself, mikki. I have quite short nails anyway but still like them to be strong and healthy. Plus, clear polish makes my nails look neat and stylish.


    I have given myself another manicure this evening, using a glitter nail polish: it’s gorgeous. My nails look like snowflakes and just lovely.

    Nails are my passion in life.

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    I removed the snowflake glitter nail polish last night and gave myself a French manicure instead.

    My nails are now nice and short and painted with clear nail polish.



    I literally just got back from getting my nails done 🙂

    I don’t do them myself anymore, I have a wonderful relationship with my nail tech at my favorite spa, and she does such an amazing job.  I get the Shellac done now, which uses a special gel blend along with UV light to dry them.  They look amazing, and they last for nearly three weeks.  It’s worth the $60 I pay to get this done, and I’ll continue going.

    I get the full package, which includes a hand massage and everything.  I get my pedicure once every two months or so, I don’t need that as often.

    Right now the length of my nails, from the cuticle, is about 15 mm.  I forget the exact name of the color I picked, but it looks close to a lilac, with just the faintest/most subtle sparkle.

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    That sounds gorgeous, Mamie!

    I have just painted my nails today with a clear polish. I also have filed and shaped my nails. I do prefer short nails on myself, but love the rich, stylish look you’ve got, Mamie. Because nails are my passion and I’d encourage anyone get their nails done. Even if they only do it themselves, that is a start. It is vanity, but I love being vain and fashion forward. BUT I don’t do my nails for fashion reasons: I do them because it makes me look groomed and polished, hygienic and in-control. It is more than mere vanity.

    A long post, but what I’ve written makes sense to me. And I hope to you!


    Definitely more than vanity!  Like you said, well-manicured nails are a hygiene thing, you just look and feel so much cleaner.

    I also find my nails feel stronger with the polish, they don’t seem to crack nearly as easily.

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    I gave myself a manicure last night, using a bronze colour. Here’s how:

    1. Remove old nail polish
    2. Cut and shape nails
    3. Clean nails with soap and a nail brush
    4. Apply a base coat
    5. Apply one coat of colour
    6. Allow to dry
    7. Apply a strong top-coat
    8. Leave a good hour to have touch-dry nails

    That’s just how I do it with traditional nail polish.

    Don’t forget you can also do gel nails at home. I don’t myself: at least, not yet. I will write more about it in future posts!


    How are you all coping with nails and polish now?

    Even though Im using lashings of hand cream the extra extra washing and disinfecting has dried my hands and my nails just started to crumble so Ive cut them really short (no nails).

    Just wondering how you keep nails looking good whenh washing like 100times a day..


    It’s interesting you say that Cassandra as, although I have only used the anti-bug lotions a few times I have found that my nails are suffering. I will find my bottle of nail oil, which I seldom use.

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    I am forever using hand cream. I wash my hands with a special hand wash, so they don’t become sore and cracked. My nails are still extra-short [which I like] and healthy. I do not like having long nails: they’re a cut hazard and just feel like a burden. No: short nails are much more comfortable and easier to look after. With or without nail polish.

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