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    Yup anf the biggest tattoo i have is on my left shoulder and it covers my collarbone


    “Pub” – doesn’t this remind you of the old Western movies – can believe they still exist!

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    They still exist SG. this is a picture of one in Tombstone, Arizona. It’s called Big Nose Kate’s Saloon.

    This town is famous not only for it’s once prosperous silver mining, but you may have read about or seen some of the western movies based on these brothers Wyatt, Virgil, Morgan and Warren Earp, they were lawmen in Tombstone back in 1879. There have been some westerns filmed there, and even today its still a working town, but it relys mainly on tourism.

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    This is the site of the famous gunfight at the OK Corral with the Earp brothers, and they still do the renactment of it there.

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    Tombstone has an interesting history to it, alot went on there, it was the “wild, wild west”.,_Arizona

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    Absolutely facinating Kamille… its like being in a time-warp….read a fair amount on the history of the wild west…and probably saw every related fact or ficition movie!!! Used to be a Louis L’Amour fan in my youth hehe.


    Mysteriously curved trees in Gryfino, Poland…..

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    Those are odd looking aren’t they, you wonder how they manage to stay in the ground.


    Those trees are seriously weird!


    Those are odd looking aren’t they, you wonder how they manage to stay in the ground.

    I thought the very same… looks almost as if they’re perched on top of the ground – wonders of nature!!!


    Little Stacy tripped and broke her arm yesterday… Doesn’t seem too badly off hey.

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    Well full racing in the TT started yesterday so here are a couple of photos I took, it is worth noting that the bikes are doing about 140mph and the sidecars about 125mph at this point and this is on normal roads but closed for the races. I took about 200 photos yesterday, tomorrow morning I may nip up to Ballaugh bridge where the bikes hit at around 120mph and take off.

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    Great shots LadyCaz… I take it it’s an annual event!


    Brilliant photos..

    We had the Harleys in town this weekend sadly I didnt get to go see them even for the ride out…

    I love the sound of bikes roaring past..


    Only just seen the pic of the bendy trees, hah! Wish we had them here, they’re awesome!

    Is that your daughter SG? Hope her arm gets better soon!

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