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    Ok first some panoramas again then a real treat.

    Douglas Harbour with a private boat in
    Douglas Bay again
    Port Erin

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    And now for the real treat some dolphins in the bay near me

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    Same again bit this time with a 180 – 500mm zoom on

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    Stunning LadyCaz… okay I give up…. I buy the best – Canon and………… my pics still look like sh&@e… hahaha perhaps I need to go on a photography course lol


    SocialGirl you need patience, I have not been on a course, I just decide I want to take pictures and heard about the dolphins so I go sit and wait, you are in Africa, find an area with wildlife, get a nice position and wait, then when you see something take pictures until your card is full, I often take 50 pictures to get one, just have patience, the panoramas, get a good spot, take pictures that overlap and you have it.


    You right there LC…. I am very impatient and that makes sense to take multiple pics – never thought of that doh! Your pics are truly amazing…. so do continue to share – love em ๐Ÿ™‚


    Well here are a few bits and pieces, most you have seen.


    These are my photos for today..

    The injury Oscar had last year and his athritis are causing him to drag his feet, just 1 in 10 steps or so but its worn dwon his claws and before it wears a hole in his toes I bought him shoes.

    the postman delivered this morning and as Oscar was with me at the door I turned and said ‘look babe your shoes are here’
    The postman looked at me like I was mad and said ‘yeah ok bye’ and hightailed it back to his van!

    I tried them on Oscar for size, an exercise he found so dull he fell asleep and then we tried walking for the first few steps he walked like he was wearing flippers then he seemed to switch gears mentally and just walked as if he had worn shoes all his life..

    No fuss , no drama, no problems…

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    Awww poor oscar give him a hug from me cass and tell him his shoes look good on him


    Well here are a few bits and pieces, most you have seen.

    Thanks for sharing LC…. love them. Are you still blonde?


    yeh I go back to my natural ginger next thursday


    It is not only horses we ride in Africa LOL

    Here is Aidan very apprehensive…. so wants to ride him, but, sigh… just couldn’t build up the courage to do so…

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    erm is that Franco?


    No, its a good friend of ours who runs Healing Wings in Mushengulu where we have our cabin.

    This is Franco…. LOL

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    PS I am on the right hahahaha….

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