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    Hi Evryone

    Is my picture coming thru???? YES IT DID!!!!

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    Yes, it did come thru….most of you will not think anything about it, but for me, its a BIG DEAL

    This hug’s is for all of you ladies on FF.

    These hugs are for Ms. SocialGirl and Ms. LadyCaz

    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


    Well DONE there Mister…. and thank you honey-boy for the hugs x

    PS Now can you please send us more on the “HUGssss” thread hehehe


    Aww thanks jelly,just seen this at 9am and it has started the day off well for me


    Here is a pic of my garden when we had the little snow storm the other week… looks quite pretty wouldn’t you say πŸ™‚

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    Elephant blocking the “highway” lol

    This is what I was confronted with on my way back to Ponta – oi, he was mean… stood his ground and wouldn’t budge. Had to wait (at a distance of course) at least a half hour before he decided to move on. He trumpeted, stomped and then stood for a time that seemed endless!

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    Franco, me and Gareth… The guy on the right is a dear friend of ours who has just learnt he has cancer… doesn’t sound good and he is refusing treatment! In the early stages, but oh man it sucks πŸ™ He is spending a few weeks with us and I am hoping I can persuade him to change his mind…. Give a thought, prayer whatever please girls…

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    SocialGirl you look good girl, jim said it is nice to put a face to the ankles hehehe, don’t worry he will be punished. Franco is very nice, you got a keeper there. As for your friend please tell him to go for it, if it help jim says he will chat to him about chemo but you need to work on him, the sooner it starts the less side effects. I will trance him and make him or just talk to him if you wish.


    LOL… For a mi ute I thought you were getting all soft on your man LC (wink). tha ks for the compliment girlie… Glad you didn’t notice the hair… OMGosh it needs a colour and cut lol

    The men are.out deep sea dishing… Franco said he was going to use the opportunity to have a heart to heart. I will pass this onto to him; thank you… You two are such gems. I put the pic up of him cos I thought maybe putting a face to him would helpin what you do LC! and anyone else who wants to send any thoughts, prayers, energies… Whatever maybe your belief.

    HUGS to ya both xox


    LMAO not “dishing” although!!!! hahaha… They’re fishing!


    Ah I though you had god them doing the washing up in the sea


    Hahaha…. might I add the amount of beers they took with them I won’t be surprised if they don’t end up ‘washed’up to shore or out to sea!

    Franco is quite emotional about the whole thing, so I can picture them both getting ‘dronk-verdriet’…. if they’re not back by 5.30ish, I will radio them in lol


    WHERE IS OUR “JELLY” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are so silent these days Mister…. and I will not accept any excuses…. get your butt here and start posting will ya xox

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Viewing 14 posts - 121 through 134 (of 134 total)

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