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    I hope you like my page on the major website There are some good poems of mine.

    Enjoy reading!

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    The Towcester Story is my favourite! I wrote it recently. It came from my muse.

    Also check out The Lipstick Story and Paint Me The Colours Of The Rainbow!


    I’ve also added the new poem “Crayons – I Am A Kid Again”.

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    Thanks for sharing your work , I really enjoyed your poems . I do like Conversation  with a devil and Crayons both interesting . I never knew about the website defiantly enjoying your work and going to check out others.

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    I’m glad you’re enjoying my work, igosecretlo!

    The later poems are generally much, much better than my early attempts. There are real gems on Not just by me, but also other poets.

    Anyhow, I do enjoy writing poetry: its art-form is wonderful. I love constructing and rhyming words. I often tell a story with my later poems. I feel glad people are enjoying reading my work. That is their purpose. Creative writing is an art and an on-going process. BUT I do feel some of my earlier poems needed more work. I know that in hindsight, but they are out there now. At least the majority of my poems make sense and tell a story.

    I have had my work published via and United P.C. United Press also published me in their books. I may not be around forever bit feel glad to have tried as hard as I have. Poetry is a  wonderful – and mysterious – art-form. So many people are good at writing poems. I’ve read a lot of poetry and never get bored. There is so much creativity and imagination out there. Another great poetry website is Do Google it!


    Kitty, seeing you write that you think that your earlier work needed more work made me wonder whether you, or anyone else, had submitted re-worked versions of their poetry to the world. It is commonplace in more technical fields and sometimes occurs in visual art, and of course updated versions of books but I have never noticed it with poetry. Have you tried this?

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    I have actually, SpinningJen: I wrote a poetry book called Gobbledegook. I realized its errors, re-edited it and re-submitted it. The errors were corrected and the cover changed and a synopsis added. It is much, much better now.

    I definitely re-work old poems: or even start again with some of them and delete the previous versions.

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    SPAM alert! Lol.

    I have a new poetry  book out: it is called “Xaviere 3000”. My other book is simply named “Kate”.

    If you’re interested, then give them a read!

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    Go, KitKatKitty!

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    Thank you, rebeccajpand!

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