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    My poetry has done really well over the past few years. People are reading my work online and also reading my books [which were published by two Internet companies]. I haven’t made any money, but money was never the goal: I just love people reading my poems and that feeling is not for sale.

    Do you have a success story you could share with us? What have you excelled in? What are YOUR achievements?


    A lot of my poems were published by United Press. Unfortunately the publisher is gone but my work is still in their books. I do also realize United Press was a vanity publisher, but I felt it was a start.

    Over to you!


    I have published two books , like yourself money was never the goal. In fact I started writing because I was unemployed and at interviews I would be asked ‘what have you been doing to fill your time ‘?  So instead of saying watching tv or reading I was truthfully able to say I have written and published a book…

    It raised a few eyebrows among interviewers  and I must admit nowdays when the royalty check arrives each month it is nice to think that somewhere in the world my little book is making someone smile.

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    That’s wonderful, cassandra! How did you go about the publishing company sending you the royalties? I have not received any: at all. And my books have been selling well. Also, do you think 10% royalties is too little?


    @kitkatkitty I publish via amazon in both hard copy and kindle. Ypu can set your publishing price and the amount you want to earn ( that pushes the price up) .

    Amazon do the rest..


    Thank you, cassandra.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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