Nails: Long or Short?

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    What is YOUR preference? I love having super-short nails. This is regardless of whether I’m wearing nail polish or not. I do NOT like having long nails. They look fabulous on other women, but I cannot stand them on me.

    Also, do you wear nail polish? What is your favourite colour to wear? I love any – and every – colour.

    Over to you!


    Usually short. It’s hard to type with long nails and mine tend to chip because of everyday work.

    I went through a time of loving nail polish, but it took a lot of work to keep neat. My nails are used as tools, I guess, so having a good coverage of polish means lots of maintenance. Painting my toenails in bright colours is easier. Nothing neutral for me!


    short but nicely shaped. And I wear clear polish a lot for work.


    I like them short so I can type easily on the keyboard


    I like people with long  nails though- my friend chelsea had long nails


    I like them long but, being very practical in what I do, it is a bit contradictory 🙂


    When you’re working, long nails aren’t practical or suitable. I do a lot of cooking and cleaning and need short nails to do so. However, I do give myself French manicures and keep them neatly cut and cleaned regularly. I do also think long nails are a cutting hazard. When they catch and cut you it stings. Hence why I don’t like long nails. Again, they look fabulous on other women: just not me.


    I gave myself a manicure this morning: I used a glitter bronze colour and my nails look gorgeous! I truly love having glamorous – yet short – nails.

    Christmas is a great time to glam up your nails!


    Short w/no polish.  Pre-pandemic, I went for regular pedicures.  Manicures would be wasted on me, since I would ruin them in no time flat.


    I have a French manicure today. They’re gorgeous.

    It is a shame working hands mean not being able to wear nail polish, but that is the way of things. Nails can still be cut and shaped, though. Nails can also be cleaned with soap, hot water and a nail brush: which is what I do with my nails once every few days.


    I have painted my nails again: they are a beautiful opalescent pink.

    I LOVE having manicured nails.


    I gave myself a French manicure this morning. Stylish woman about!


    I cut my nails super-short this morning. I took old nail polish off last night: it took ages to do so. The glitter was incredibly adhesive and took twice as long to remove. Still, they were worth painting their midnight glitter a few days ago.

    Give your nails some TLC! Even if you don’t paint them, follow these steps:

    1. Remove old nail polish if you’re wearing nail polish
    2. Cut – don’t use an emery board – your nails down to your desired length with nail scissors
    3. Use a metal file and gently shape your nails
    4. Fill a sink with hot water and use soap and a nail brush to clean your nails
    5. Use a rich hand cream afterwards
    6. Wear rings when out & about to make your hands look more gorgeous and groomed

    If you want to wear nail polish:

    1. Follow the above steps first
    2. Use a base coat: this prevents nail polish staining your nails
    3. Use one coat of colour
    4. Leave to dry
    5. Apply another coat of colour
    6. Leave to dry
    7. Apply a clear nail polish to seal in your nail colour
    8. Leave for a good hour before handling anything

    One other tip: always go for a pee before painting your nails! LOL. I write this because it happens all too often. Anyhow, I hope my tips help you out.


    Very good Kitty, thanks for sharing. The only other thing I would add, that I occasionally use, is nail oil. I am not sure of nail polish over the top. I haven’t tried it but the oil seems very good at the times when my nails are in a poor, dry, cracking condition.


    I had forgotten about nail oil, SpinningJen! I am glad my advice has been well received. I have been doing my nails for nearing 30 years, so am a bit of an expert. I definitely love my vanity. In fact, I gave myself a French manicure this morning. I didn’t do a full French manicure, but I did follow the above steps and used base coat and two clear top coats. I am strict about keeping my nails clean, too. I do this by using hot water, soap and a nail brush daily. I do a lot of cooking, so don’t want food debris underneath my nails: especially when I have prepared onions and raw meat.

    Again, I am glad my advice was appreciated. I could not imagine neglecting my nails: that concept is horrible. It is a rule I follow: because short, clean-cut and clean nails are my religion. Even if I don’t paint them.


    I cut and filed down my nails last night. This morning I painted them a coral orange. They are GORGEOUS. I cannot get enough of nail polish and manicures.

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