Nails: Long or Short?

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    I like bright colours for toes and nails. No neutrals for me! Although that could clash with my clothing choices, which are also bold colours whenever possible…


    I can’t understand why someone would leave their nails unclean and raggedy? I know you don’t, rebecca: but there are some people who have no pride when it comes to their nails and this bothers me. Nail polish does not necessarily have to be used BUT nails can be neatly cut and cleaned with soap & a nail brush. Nails don’t need expensive manicures to look respectable: as I’ve said, a pair of nail scissors and nail brush would suffice.

    The notion of having uneven, dirty nails fills me with horror: they look awful and who’d want to shake someone’s hand with nails that way? I know a lot of people who take no care and attention to their nails. I don’t say my opinion to them, but it is a mystery to me why they can’t be bothered to at least cut their nails neatly.

    Some people, eh?


    Ew to the dirt under the nails. I’m the type who’s got gardening gloves, dishwashing gloves, disposable gloves to avoid touching raw meat in the kitchen, spare disposables for miscellaneous messes, etc. Hopefully that’s not too excessive!

    I wonder if I would have liked living in a time when women wore gloves out in public… 😉


    Just at the moment, being winter, I have my gloves on out in public more often than not. When I walk for miles, although my body keeps warm my hands get cold.



    We’re in agreement, rebecca: dirt underneath the nails is a bad sign. Of course, there may be reasons but mostly I would be put off someone straight away if their nails had thick dirt under them and the person was not bothered and had no intention of washing it off.

    It’s also amazing how personal hygiene has an impact on others. I shower daily because of this. No one want to be around someone who smells. Although I shower for my own sanity, too: it makes me feel better about the day. I’m not obsessive, though!

    Anyhow, appearance does have an impact on others opinions: it always will.


    I gave myself a manicure this morning. I used a lovely coral pink: they look gorgeous.

    I shall always paint my nails!


    I was trying to keep my nails longer and just shape them, but a thumbnail broke on Wednesday, so I had to trim them to keep them even. Ah well…


    To be honest, Rebecca: just stick with short nails. I know it is fashion to have long nails – and a great deal of women do – BUT you’re better off with comfortable nails that don’t break/snap/flake/etc. Also, you don’t need long nails to paint them: that is just a myth. Short nails look equally as good as long nails with coloured nail polish. Also, you don’t need fancy nail polishes to keep your nails nice: just keep them neat and clean. A good pair of nail scissors and a nail brush with soap & hot water will do. Also using a hand cream works at keeping the nails and hands comfortable, presentable and just respectable.

    Also: just choose your OWN nail style! Forget what’s in fashion.


    [quote quote=227951]

    Also: just choose your OWN nail style! Forget what’s in fashion.


    That’s pretty much how I approach life. Forget fashion, go with what pleases my own sense of style. 🙂


    I removed old nail polish last night. I have cut and filed down my nails this morning. My nails may not always be painted BUT they are neatly cut and always clean.

    Anyhow, you’re right, Rebecca, to go with your own sense of style. You should only please yourself in this life. If you’re in love with ribbons or ruby red heels, then that is your prerogative.

    I must say I LOVE jewellery and makeup and fashion in general. In fact, I bought myself a fabulous pair of earrings from a jewellers. They cost $129 and were worth every penny. I also purchased a black strapped watch. I saw it online and fell in love with it. I wear it daily now. It was the only watch I loved: and it captured my heart.

    As for fashion: I sorted my closet out a month or so ago: I now have on-trend and other items that I reach for daily. I love wearing stylish clothes. Because I HATE jeans and I HATE T-shirts. I cannot stand tracksuits, either: they look awful. I also avoid leggings at all costs. Clothing should be comfortable but I steer clear of jeans: I absolutely hate them.

    I love dresses in the summer and I love fitted tops and fitted trousers and skirts. I wear stylish flats, too.

    That’s me in a nutshell!


    I could use some fitted trousers. I love skirts in the summer especially, but in the fall and winter, it would be good to have other options. For now, leggings are most comfortable. Maybe that has something to do with the fibroid situation, but I also need to keep up on exercising!


    I live in leggings during the winter although often wear a skirt over the top. Multipe layers to keep warm. The other option is my fleece lined tights.


    Or multiple layers… I have a regular pair for indoors, then put on thermal ones over them and use another pair of leggings for an interesting outer layer (since the thermal ones are just black). I love that leggings are such stretchy fabric!


    I’ve always wanted to buy – and wear – fitted black leather trousers. I think they’re so cool. I don’t often wear skirts, but would also like a black leather skirt.

    Other clothing I’d love are just smart – yet comfortable – women’s wear. As for shoes: I’d steer clear of high heels and would go for a low heel and stylish flats. I cannot for the life of me walk in high heels: it’s impossible. Plus, I always twist my ankle and fall down. Women all over the world don’t have this problem, but I do.

    I love the fashion in the film “The Devil Wears Prada”. The clothing is gorgeous. I love the hats Anne Hathaway wears in the role, too. I have read a lot of fashion magazines myself: I loved 90’s Cosmo. I loved all the fashion featured in them.

    Style is key.


    I keep my nails short

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