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    How often do you get a manicure and have your nails painted? Do you get them done for just special occasions or do you like your nails done everyday?

    I like getting a manicure and pedicure at least once every two month and I usually make it a moms day. I don’t have to have my nails painted everyday, but for special holidays I like them done.


    I don’t have the time for regular manicures but try to get one once a month, other than that I clean behind them every night and buff them up. I use a nude or light pink polish generally as it is frowned upon at work  ( tarty they think ) unfair and perhaps slightly sexist, however my boss is female so what does that mean.

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    I get by most of the time with clear polish. Color only for going out. I keep them slightly longish with almost square ends. Manicure and pedicure every 3 weeks.

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    I almost always just use clear polish, I give myself mini-manicures often, I keep my nails trimmed pretty short and I don’t like them looking dirty.  I’ve never been comfortable at all with long nails, I don’t know how some women do it, like I had a coworker once she could barely type because of her nails.

    I go for pedicures pretty frequently, so much more in spring and summer.  I like going outside barefoot a lot, and I still want to keep my feet looking and feeling feminine, so I pamper a bit.

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    Since I’m always working with my hands, manicures would be wasted on me.  I try to keep fingernails evenly trimmed.  On the other hand, pedicures are entirely worth the money.  What would normally take me hours, my pedicurist does in 45 minutes.  I get them every three weeks or so.

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    I agree with Rhonda square ends look nice and should be easier to look after.

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    I actually gave myself a manicure today: using a Barry M coral.

    I give myself a manicure about twice a week. Sometimes I will do a French manicure, others a block colour. I always chop & change colours. Whether I choose red, peach, glitter, metallic, pink, purple, depends on my mood that day. I often choose vibrant colours, as I love to have party nails: even at work. I hate being boring!

    I have always painted my nails.

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