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    I’ve changed my personal style lately, I had my hair cut shorter on Sunday, and I’ve been wearing more dresses.  I’ve had compliments from this one, but also some people criticizing its design and suggesting I need a cinch belt.  Oh well, I guess it does make my waist look a little wide, but it’s comfortable.  I’m feeling better about myself not wearing pants all the time and showing my legs more.

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    Very nice, Mamie!  It could be that your left arm is pulling the waist higher, making you look short-waisted.

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    I like that. It is a dress I would wear, although personally more likely as a skirt and top and wear the top outside the skirt to lower the waistline. Yes, I would agree that a belt would effectively do a similar thing. To me, it does give the look of a high waist, but the photo looks to be taken from a low angle so making it appear more-so than it is. It’s an interesting time of year to show this as I am thinking more to pants now the winter is coming, after wearing dresses and skirts all summer lol

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    Nice dress ,, I wore  one quite similar for my daughters wedding. Mine was slightly longer and more flared (it was a rock and roll wedding) but I have to say I put a belt on and it really did finish the dress off..

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    I love wearing dresses and skirts, as well. I try to wear trousers a lot less often these days: they are boring and predictable. No: you look great! It is definitely worth dressing up: even if you’re not going anywhere special. Why shouldn’t fashion be enjoyed? Have fun with your style! Being expressive and creative with clothing is wonderful.

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    You’re so pretty!

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    Hi Mamie, lovely outfit but yes some sort of belt would set it off even better. Large florals are definitely in vogue now, I have several dresses with them on and love the look. Mikki x

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    i wear shorts and half cut off t shirts most of time. i like to wear mini dresses or skirts on night dates to be more stylish.


    Well, I am wearing my short NEXT skirt today. I have mentioned it before, but I LOVE dresses and skirts.

    Women’s fashion is amazing. I actually bought my sister a pair of black high heels for her birthday. I was tempted to keep them for myself!

    Anyhow, florals are a beautiful design. I will happily wear floral prints. These days I happily go all-out fashion wise. I don’t care what anyone thinks.

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