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    Hi there,

    I go by “Dudette” and joined this site because although I am male, I was born female meaning I am transgendered and still have some female body parts so I joined this forum for health advice.

    I originally turned to Yahoo Answers, but every time I ask something people just troll me then one of my female friends told me about this forum so I decided to join and give it a try. I hope I’ll be accepted here and don’t get trolled for being transgender.


    I like to keep my identity hidden online, if any admins or mods need verification of who I am, just send me a PM.


    Hi there, Im not sure what advice you need of if we are able to give any. Remember we are just ordniary women not doctors so we cannot offer medical advice but youre welcome to stay and ask any question thats bothering you. As for trolls, I dont think we have any here that kind of behaviour isnt tolorated here.


    @cassandra I just mean general health questions, obviously I’ll see the doctor. Recently I’ve been getting horrible sharp stabbing pain in my vagina, I always get it, I get checked for urinary tract infections and I’m not sexually active nor am I in a relationship so it can’t be an STD or an STI so I don’t know what’s causing it. It feels horrible like as if knives are shoved there so I wanted to know if any other women experience this weird sensation or is it just generally me? I see the doctor already and he says I’m healthy and no signs of infection at all.


    @Dudette Im not sure if it helps but I know some women can have a feeling as if they have been kicked between the legs and I have been told its very painful. It can be a pain in the pelvic joint that women have in the front of the pelvic girdle. There is a name for this but I cant think of it. I do know that its common and often passes on its own.

    If this is soft tissue pain actually inside the vagina then muscle cramping is the most obvious thought, annoying and painful but again fairly normal and a lot of women including myself have had this from time to time.


    Sorry, no advice but wanted to welcome you to the forum!


    Hi Dudette! Hello and welcome. I am not sure if I can add to Cassandra’s advice, given that you have already seen your doctor. Things can really run around in circles with these things so keeping it simple can give you chance to take things in.


    Welcome to the forum, Dudette.  We’re a pretty diverse community and will give advice when appropriate.  Unfortunately, I have none for you, but wanted to welcome you regardless.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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