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No Getting Away With Crime

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    This is a big topic but: there is no getting away with crime. Whether theft/shop lifting/murder/rape/assault. So many criminals – not just killers – believe their lies will fool the police. What they don’t realize is how dumb they are. The police, however, are not dumb like them. The police and justice system works full-time to fight crime. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kid taking a car on a joyride or a murderer stalking someone: these people in power have to stop crime. They investigate everything these days. In the 1800’s there was no CCTV or photography. There were no dramatic car chases. There wasn’t the technology we have today to crack down on crime and convict our criminals.

    For anyone wanting to commit crime:

    1. There is CCTV everywhere
    2. There are police everywhere: and don’t stop wanting answers
    3. We have magazines and newspapers that search for missing people and people the police need to talk to
    4. Forensic investigators investigate murder and rape [and more]: and won’t give up until the culprit is found and convicted
    5. Forensic investigators can get results beyond you cleaning a crime scene: they use microscopic technology now. They can even find trace elements of blood after the use of bleach
    6. There is DNA evidence and DNA records: whether sperm, saliva or blood or another biological substance
    7. There are witness statements and photography
    8. Investigators look into cybercrime: and much more
    9. People notice things about a person’s appearance: and will inform the police
    10. Once you’re in prison you’re someone’s after-dinner mint: and you’re truly fu*ked
    11. You could be fined a great deal of money
    12. Everyone ends up never trusting you again
    13. We have the Internet: everything is discovered

    I hope this list shows crime does not pay.


    One of the things about crime is that reason isn’t always a part of the equation. It’s the desire of the moment, and people will justify anything they really want. Or think they deserve.

    The trouble with using “you deserve it” in advertising so much is that it becomes a message we believe. The individual may come to think that they can have whatever they want and won’t be held accountable.

    I’m glad that there is still some accountability in society, so that many people are smart enough not to turn to crime because of the consequences.


    I beg to differ… Have you ever watched those police camera action type shows?

    Time after time police get an alert that a car is stolen they chase it while it performs mad manouvers wrong way down roads over pedestrian areas speeding like mad etc etc eventually they either catch it or more often it crashes.. People inside are often youths , no licence no insurence so the police take them in put them in front of a judge who is so out of touch that he gives them a driving ban ! SAY WHAT ??? and a slap on the wrist…

    Never mind the poor sod whos car is written off he gets nothing the insurence only pay the sale value of a car which is always about 50% of what its actually worth.

    The criminals laugh and go out and do it again.

    Then there is the tariffs handed out most people serve half of whats given out in the UK . As for prison.. they have the right to see a doctor within 24hours if sick…My mother is a kidney diabetic heart patient and she would be lucky to see her GP this week  if she phoned..

    Did you know they have to be kept in heated cells not too hot not too cold  this while old people struggle to keep warm and often go without food just so they can pay energy bills, did you know that prison officers are now obliged to call inmates sir? A sign of respect most of us rarely hear these days.

    The proceeds of crime act allowing police to seize assets has helped but if criminals can syphon money offshore before the police catch them there is little chance of getting it back and I know many would  be happy to spend a year inside  if they could then swan off and retire somewhere nice with their ill gotten millions. ( this is white collar stuff bankers investment fraud etc) of course bank rbbers still get more but even then the trauma they cause is nothing in comparison to the sentence.



    I know of one formerly powerful individual who has been committing all sorts of crimes his entire life.  He has yet to pay the piper…and probably never will.


    I really feel for the people who ran post offices here and were prosecuted for theft which was really due to a software glitch on the post office systems. I was reminded about when a post office van ran into the back of my car when I was stationary at a red light. I had good backing but it still didn’t stop the post office legal people contacting me and threatening not to pay for the repairs at all if I didn’t do things through them. It was really agressive and intimidating. I called their bluff and they had to pay but it was scary. Really the lack of personal liability of people in public limited companies needs addressing and individuals held accountable. They are the ones making millions out of others’ misery as their lesser staff would be held as scapegoats and sacked. I suspect Test’s individual in her post is one of these with the millions.

    Maybe the ‘proceeds of crime act’ could be expanded a bit to better cover the little people who often lose what little they have and get nothing as they have neither the knowledge or backing to pursue their issues.


    I used to scream at the TV when Esther Rantzen used to go on and on about dodgy builders and plumbers and about how  tradesmans guilds are a sign of a good builder… Its not, in many cases it just means you filled in a form paid a fee and joined the club.


    What really counts, is qualifications and public liability insurence so that even if something goes wrong you as a houseowner are covered. In 1983 we carried public liabilty insurence of £3million  so that even if we had an accident and flooded or burned your house down you would have been covered.

    We worked in a lot of very nice places in Kensington and Chelsea so that insurence was about right at the time.  We heard and saw all sorts of really heartbreaking stories where people had been left in ruins after criminals got into their homes posing as qualified builders.

    We also met some right criminal houseowners who had work done and didnt want to pay for it. There were times we had to refuse to leave the home until payment had been made and in one case we were paid £500 in 5 and 10p coins!

    Criminality comes in all shapes and sizes  from a bag of crisps to a major jewel heist and anything inbetween.




    Crime – as an unpleasant subject as it is – is very real and is rife. There is no getting away from the fact criminals and crime exist. There are so many ways to break the law and these people do exactly that. It isn’t right but it happens. However, crime ruins lives: not just murder, but assault and even cybercrime. Cybercriminals have convinced vulnerable Internet users to part with their money for good causes or whatever, when – in fact – their money is going to these criminals. Even the Internet is not immune to crime. Plus, there’s online stalking and rapists who use online dating.

    Of course, you all know this, but online NO ONE can be trusted. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Thievery isn’t just a young lad mugging an old woman on the street: thievery is also a person online pretending to be vulnerable and needing $10,000 to help their niece cope with the loss of a loved one who died from COVID-19. Or the young man sending emails saying the victim’s bank account is going to be closed and the company will save the loss by transferring all the victim’s money to them. We may not fall for it, but an older person – or person who is vulnerable in general – might. And the victims are often so embarrassed for falling for it, they don’t call the police. Or they don’t realize the police also work against cybercrime.

    If you think you’ve been duped, report it and report it as cybercrime: you will NOT be laughed at.


    There are so many companies selling cybercrime protection computer programmes. I’d say it may worth be checking these out if you’re very worried about cybercrime. In fact, it is worth using cybercrime safety measures. There are loads of websites with good advice about protecting your online world from crime. Cybercrime – and regular crime – do exist. And – as I said in my previous post – you won’t be laughed at if you’re the victim of cybercrime. Such crime is very common these days and criminals can be very convincing. It is so, so easy to lose your money through such people.

    Again – if you’re the victim of computer crime – report it immediately. Your local police will refer you to their cybercrime team. Even if you’re just suspicious about a site you’ve visited – or an email you’ve received – forward that website address or email to the cybercrime team and they will investigate. Don’t try to deal with it yourself, though: DON’T reply to any dodgy email. And don’t click on any website links if  you’re suspicious: let the cyberpolice deal with it.

    With the right measures your Internet life won’t be dogged with crime. Even abuse on Facebook can be stopped. Facebook are very strict about abuse and other such issues. If they think a Facebook user is using the site for bullying or harrassment, Facebook will block them and ban them from the site. Of course, some users fall through the net. BUT always report abuse: whether on Facebook or another website. And if nothing can be done, then you’ll have to leave any particular website. Sometimes there ARE abusive websites and no amount of reporting it will make it any nicer. Choose your battles wisely, basically.

    I hope I’ve helped.


    I just learned about webcam covers. How was this a thing I hadn’t seen?! My mum covers her with tape and never uses it, but I’m getting a product that sticks on and slides over when you need your camera. They have a panda on them, too, hee hee.


    I have one of those Rebecca. I got mine when I went into the bank for an online skype interview (I didn’t use skype at home) and just happened to mention that I used tape over my camera. They gave me me one. It’s advertising for them as it’s straight in front of my eyes when I use the laptop but it is useful. I suspect many banks may have them. It’s probably something which companies are likely to have as freebies at conventions too.

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