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noisy neighbours

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    Do you have noisy neighbours or had to deal with them in the past? How did you deal with them? Our neighbours have been getting really noisy just lately – music is played really loud and late and the tv might as well be in our living room not theirs.

    The other half doesnt seem to want to go around there and speak to them about it, and to be honest I am not too keen on it either as i hate confrontations.

    Am I going to be forced to live with this kind of noise until one of us moves out?!?


    Noone should have to put up with that type of noise until you move out,when you see them when you go out,try and have a word to them,if not,make a note of how often this happens and send to the council who can write to them.

    Katie 🙂


    Noisy neighbours can drive you mad. We used to live in a block of 4 flats, and the couple in one above us had a huge dog that used to bark constantly whenever the owners were out, and their wooden floors didn’t help either, you could hear the thing clattering about. 🙄

    Thankfully they didn’t live there long, but the next couple used to have horrendous arguments at silly O’clock in the morning. When we moved, I swore I would never buy another flat! 😆

    If you are having trouble, the first thing to do is approach the neighbours in a polite manner, explain the problem and ask them to keep the noise down. Some people genuinely don’t realise how much noise carries, especially at night. Even put a note through the door if you feel that you can’t speak to them.

    If that doesn’t work, start keeping a diary of everything happens, and approach your local authority about the situation. A last resort is phoning the police when the noise is occurring, and make sure you get an iincident number for your records.


    My co-work is a mother of two, she lives in an apartment in NYC. The new neighbors have recently complained about her kids making too much noise. Her husband thinks its fine as long as the noise ends at 10pm, because frankly they are kids they should be able to have some noise. My co-worker disagrees, she feels that since her neighbors made a complaint and they should be respectful. But surely you can’t expect kids to be perfect angels all the time and make some noise?

    I do agree though if the noise is past a certain hour someone needs to be approached and asked to lower the volume.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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