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    Hey yall I am new here and want to introduce myself. Im Teesha and am 34. I am here to find new people to talk to outside of my small circle of friends. I currently have no children and want at least 1 in the future. I recently got out of 4 year long relationship and am on the journey to finding myself again. I look forward to talking to yall in the forums and sharing more about myself and life.


    Hello Teesha, it’s so lovely to meet you!  My name is Mary, I’m 36 and my situation was so very similar to yours when I joined earlier this year, I was just out of a long relationship too and I was reinventing myself (I’ve come so very far since then!)  I’ve met many wonderful ladies here, I hope you enjoy visiting and posting!


    Greetings from Colorful Colorado, Teesha!  We’re a mixed bag of women here, all ages, shapes, sizes and origins.  At 53, my 30s are long gone from my rear-view mirror.  LOL

    I look forward to learning more about you.  Enjoy your time here.


    I look forward to reading your posts! In fact, I replied to one of them a short while ago. I hope I will have helped.

    You’re certainly not alone in your life and everyone will rally around you. And you WILL meet someone new: and someone who doesn’t disrespect you.


    It is nice to meet you too and I look forward to talking to everyone!


    Hi! I am in Maryland right now like 5 minutes from DC and it is a major difference from Kentucky! It is so big here and there are lots of people. I am a country girl and this is so different. But I plan to explore and see what there is out here. It just rains alot and hasn’t had snow yet. I look forward to talking to yall


    Hi Teesha, nice to meet you.

    I too am a country girl, but here in England these days there is maybe not the extremes you get over there, although there are some quiet parts. Here too it has been wet, rather than snow.


    Hi Noob and welcome to the site. I’m a lot like you too, except I’m a little older. Single, no kids, live alone with the cat.


    Well, not to sound overly-optimistic – and not to sugar-coat life – but new year, new horizons.


    To go into LushApple9’s post further: every New Year there are new horizons. And I believe it is important to carry that notion throughout the year, in every year. Time goes by fast and there is so much going on in the world: both good and bad. But we all ride the storm and move with the times. It is good to be positive, too, and just never give up reaching for our goals: our dreams. Because every year matters and we all have a lot going on.

    I always remember: dreams can come true.



    hope you enjoy your time with us. remember the more information you supply will enhance quality of our responses. short vague words make responses difficult and error prone. keep in mind we are amateurs giving advice based on personal experiences not professionally trained as therapist



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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